Vancouver Whisky Coffee Cocktail

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Godfather Coffee Cocktail

In this Vancouver based whisky coffee cocktail were inspired by the IBA official cocktail “The Godfather” and the great great local Vancouver products we’ve recently found.  Its always a great option to support great local innovators and their products.  The original godfather cocktail is normally a mixture of scotch whisky and amaretto in 2/1 ratio served on ice.  We are modifying this recipe using a local Vancouver made whisky with the addition of espresso and Vancouver based Bittered Sling Malagasy Chococolate bitters.  Therefore we’re calling this one the Godfather Coffee.  We particularly chose our our LeClair Organics Liberica bean for the espresso in this cocktail.  Vancouver has a vast amount of specialty coffee products available.  However, it appears that we are the first to provide Liberica Coffee Beans in Vancouver.  Our coffees offerings are quite distinctive amongst the abundance of Vancouver coffee roasters.


LeClair Organics Vancouver Coffee, coffee cocktails the godfather coffee

Godfather Coffee Recipe

2 oz double shot espresso

1 oz Amaretto

2 oz Canadian Whisky

A few dashes of Malagasy chocolate bitters

Optional: egg white or maple syrup per preference


Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, and shake for approximately 15-20 seconds.  Pour with a double strain and serve in a pre-chilled old fashioned class.  Garnish may simply be three coffee beans or something creative to your liking.  Some people may like to pre-chill their espresso to limit dilution with the ice, however this also takes additional time to wait to cool.  Sweetness is adjustable per personal preference however we recommend a Canadian maple syrup for the best result.  As you can tell from the picture we used egg whites.  The egg white will give quite a strong foam.