LeClair Organics recently did a photoshoot in Vancouver, May 2021.  I’m so excited to share a preview of the shoot we did with Heidi, Founder of Kysa Management and Chau, Founder of Cle Management .  As a Saskatoon founded company we are continually expanding across Canada including a major focus in Vancouver. Interestingly enough it seems we have spread to other provinces quicker than in Saskatchewan.  Its so exciting to see our liberica coffee and cascara tea starting to catch on quickly in Vancouver and across British Columbia.  So therefore with a focus on Vancouver promotion, we decided to do a dreamy golden hour ocean view shoot in Vancouver near the coal harbour area.  Check out some of the example photography below from our shoot.  I had a great time working with this team and am quite happy with these promo pics.

Photo Gallery

Photography by partner company LeClair Media.