Gin & Liberica Espresso Martini

Everything you need to know about the Espresso Martini

LeClair Organics has developed and listed our top 10 Espresso Martini Recipes.  If you’ve found this page you essentially have everything you need to know on how to create exceptional espresso martini variations! The popular story behind the original espresso martini invention involves well known british cocktail innovator Dick Bradsell.  The story claims a notable model made a specific request for a drink that would “Wake me up, and then fuck me up.” Now all of this is anecdotal evidence of the origin, however this was a big kickstart of the espresso martini trend.  The espresso martini is now classified as an IBA official cocktail and has become one of the most popular cocktails in the world.

We aim to make accessible the knowledge for bartenders and home mixologists to elevate the quality of their coffee cocktails such as these espresso martinis.  We would like to ensure the coffee portion of cocktail recipes have the same high quality standards as your favourite local baristas!  Beans should be fresh and flavourful with a known origin story, production process and flavour profile.  Watch out for sugar heavy coffee liqueurs.  Therefore instead of sugary liqueurs utilize high quality premium spirits, herbal liqueurs, fresh premium coffee beans, fresh creams, and made to order fresh espresso shots.  We also believe that there is ample opportunity to research your local distilleries, spirits and ingredients to build upon the story behind your coffee cocktail.

You may use different beans such as Arabica, Robusta, or Liberica to compliment the flavour profile of your drink.  There are different processing methods such as honey process, dry process, wet process to that also bring out different flavours in the coffee beans.  The different coffee choices and learnings can easily become overwhelming.  Luckily a quality coffee will let you know the flavour profile of the drink and is a good start upon choosing the right bean & spirit pairings.

We will begin by reviewing the classic espresso martini recipe which will essentially be the base for modification of our top 10 list.  LeClair Organics has slightly revised the classic IBA Official Espresso Martini recipe per below.

Classic Espresso Martini:

1 oz Vodka

1 oz Espresso

1 oz Rum

1 Egg White

1/3 Demerara syrup

3 bean garnish

Liberica Espresso Martini  

The Liberica Espresso Martini is a slight modification to the classic IBA Official recipe specifically using our liberica beans.  This recipe is essentially a direct translation of the easy to make classic using our liberica bean, however we also like some of the more creative variations we have below! The drink will be visually noticeable as unique due to the three signature liberica teardrop shaped beans garnish.  This is a simple garnish however is designed to peak interest and conversation as liberica being a completely different species appart from Arabica or Robusta coffees.  Currently the Liberica bean (coffea liberica)is quite an uncommon item to North America and we hope to change this amongst espresso based cocktail lovers.  See more here for a detailed espresso martini recipe post.


1 oz Vodka

1 oz Rum

1 oz Liberica Espresso

1 Egg White

1/3 oz Local Honey Syrup

Three Liberica Beans as garnish

Top Ten Espresso Martini Recipes

LeClair Organics has developed a list of the top 10 best espresso martini recipes.  As a Canadian based company we have an affinity for local Canadian made & grown spirits as well as ingredients.  The recipes below all work exceptionally well with our liberica coffee bean, however also work with other coffee bean flavour profiles.  These recipes are worthy for the home cocktail as well as top restaurants and lobby bars.  These are a great recipe outline and feel free to get creative and modify the recipes per your personal preferences.

1. Gin Espresso Martini

This is a minor twist on the classic espresso martini.  We remove the classically used vodka out and replace this with gin.  Each gin has their own signature herbal blend to which makes itself unique apart from other gins.  There is also an endless variety of specialty coffees available including Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, Excelsa and Racemosa.  This recipe allows you to get creative to compare and contrast between the differing flavour profiles of the coffee beans and complex gin botanicals.  As well we expand upon this creative opportunity to test out a wide diversity of local honey varieties, relevant homemade syrups or local liqueurs.  See here a full gin espresso martini recipe.

Equal parts Gin and Espresso, Local Honey Syrup, Egg White


Utilize your favourite local Canadian Gin, support local.  Perhaps try gin from Toronto’s Spirit of York Gin, Saskatoon’s Lucky Bastard Gambit Gin, Vancouver Island’s Victoria distillers,  Vancouver and Granville Island’s Liberty Distillers Endeavour Gin

2. Maple Walnut Espresso Martini

Scotch, Dillon’s Walnut Amaro, Espresso, Canadian Made Maple Syrup, egg white

Optional: Get creative utilizing canadian infused maple whiskey or Walnut bitters

See here a full maple walnut espresso martini recipe post.

3. Vanilla Liberica Espresso Martini

There is elegance in the simplicity of this recipe.  Finish this cocktail with a dusting of gourmet Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Bean Powder.  Vanilla has a complexity of up to 500 biological compounds that contribute to aromatics and flavour.  Using only a few ingredients in this cocktail allows you to focus on the complexity of the vanila and liberica.  The hundreds of flavor compounds in a vanilla bean are highly volatile, therefore needs to be fresh and heating used in baking will destroy flavourings.  Luckily heat altered flavours is not a factor in cocktails.  Similar to coffee or wine, the flavor profile can vary significantly upon where it is grown.  Vanilla is the second most expensive spice therefore the reason many may use cheaper versions of this sought after flavour.  Vanillin is a major contributor to this expensive bean, therefore many have developed synthetic vanillin or cheaper extracts that focus on vanillin.

See a full vanilla espresso martini recipe post here.

4. Liberica Espresso Cognac Martini

Simplicity of this recipe allows you to focus on these premium components that have a depth of complexity on their own.

Liberica espresso, Cognac VSOP or XO, egg white,


See here a full espresso cognac martini recipe post.

5. Calvados Espresso Martini

Calvados or Okanagan Grown Apple Brandy, Rum, Liberica Espresso, Local honey Syrup

See here a full calvados espresso martini recipe post.

6. Racemosa & Cognac Espresso Martini

Racemosa Espresso, Premium VSOP or XO Cognac, dusted 24k edible gold flake & mini 3 bean garnish

See here a full racemosa espresso martini post.

7. Cognac Citrus & Vanilla Espresso Martini

Liberica Espresso, Grand Marnier, Canadian whiskey, Raft Smoked Tea Vanilla Cocktail Syrup, 3 coffee bean garnish

Optional: Replace Grand Marnier Liqueur with a cognac/brandy and orange liqueur such as Cointreau

8. Amaro Montenegro Espresso Martini

Espresso, Amaro Montenegro, rum, demerara syrup

See here an amaro montenegro espresso martini recipe post.

9. Amaro Lucano Espresso Martini

Canadian Whiskey, Amaro Lucano, honey syrup, Espresso, Egg White

See here an Amaro Lucano espresso martini recipe post.

10. Amaretto Yuzu Espresso Martini

Rum, Amaretto, Espresso, Yuzu Syrup, Egg White.

Bonus Recipes:

We could go on endlessly upon creative variations however we will leave you with a few extra bonus recipes.

Licorice Espresso Martini

Sambuca, Canadian Whiskey, Espresso Shot, Local Honey Syrup, Egg White, Smoked Star Anise Garnish

Hazelnut Espresso Martini:

Espresso, Hazelnut Liqueur, Vodka, Honey Syrup

See the full hazelnut espresso martini recipe here.



The instructions to complete the above recipes are all made with essentially the same espresso martini processes.

Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds, pour and double strain into a chilled martini glass.  Finish by adding your traditional 3 bean garnish or instead get creative to make your drink visually unique.

Egg white is a substantial enhancement to the texture and will add a smooth foam at the top of the drink.  This is a recommended ingredient, but not necessary component to the drink.  We also may suggest that there are several vegan egg white options on the market if that suits your preference.

Final Words

We hope you have a great time experimenting with these recipes.  For more cocktail recipes see our full list of coffee cocktails.  If you think you have a cocktail that should be on this list let us know and send a picture!