LeClair Organics offers Specialty coffee, gourmet coffees and rare coffees across Canada and the USA including our home bases of Vancouver, Saskatoon, Victoria and Toronto. These exotic coffees and rare coffees include Liberica Coffee and racemosa coffee the rarest coffee in the world. Racemosa Coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world due to very limited supply, but we hope to create more accessibility over time. Moving forward we will continually update and rotate new gourmet coffee products bound to excite the most discerning palates including varieties of Arabica coffee, robusta coffee, liberica coffee, excelsa coffee, cascara teas and coffee berry teas. LeClair Organics bsring rare coffee and exotic coffee offerings rarely seen for your café, restaurant, hotel, bar and ecommerce. These specialty gourmet coffees are also an exciting addition to your coffee cocktails.

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