LeClair Organics is an exclusive provider of Racemosa Coffee to Canada, which is the distinct coffee species coffea racemosa.  Racemosa coffee is essentially the rarest coffee in the world and only grows in a confined 150 square kilometer area.  It is much rarer than the more well known Kopi Luwak coffee or also known as civet coffee as it comes from arabaca coffee picked out of the asian palm civet feces.  It is also well documented now that a majority of most civet coffee is actually produced from force feeding arabica coffee beans to caged civets.  It is also not as legitimately rare as it once was now it has been popularized.  Racemosa is truly a rare specimine and endangered in the wild.  We get ours from an exclusive racemosa partner.  whom we both have joint vision to increase supply and security of the species.  Racemosa may be considered one of the worlds most expensive coffees, however this is mostly due to development and expansion costs of a new agricultural species.  This item is only available to high end restaurants or five star hotels, however we are glad to provide a very limited amount through ecommerce to have at your home across Canada and soon the USA.  You may prepare racemosa delicately with high quality as it is a rare bean, or place in cocktails amongst top shelf spirits.

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