Our LeClair Organics Liberica Coffee is the third rarely seen species in North America coffea liberica.  LeClair Organics is glad to offer specialty coffee for sale to buy in Canada and soon the United States.  Our home base cities include Vanouver, Saskatoon, Victoria and Toronto however offer ecommerce and coffee subscription to locations across Canada.  We push forward innovative eco-friendly coffee packaging and compostable coffee packaging for our liberica beans.  We are an ethical coffee bean company offering beyond fair trade in our Liberica offerings.   Liberica particularly takes special care upon coffee roasting.  Our coffee roasters are directly on site of the coffee estate and ensure the freshest roast to order coffee.

Make a Liberica Espresso for recipes such as a liberica latte or liberica cocktails such as a liberica espresso martini.  We think you will enjoy this distinctive bean.

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