LeClair Organics Vancouver coffee products are now available for sale to buy locally.  Our coffee is available to the extended greater Vancouver areas including Downtown Vancouver, Yaletown, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Kitsilano, West Pointe Grey, Richmond, Delta, East Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Langley and other surrounding areas.

We are the experts in specialty coffee products such as the Liberica Coffee, Cascara Tea, Coffee Berry Tea and Racemosa Coffee.  We also carry a changing rotation of Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee, Excelsa coffee and others.  We’ve partnered with our top coffee roasters to ensure the freshest roast to order coffee.

Use our products for specialty lattes, coffee cocktails or cascara cocktails.  Try coffee cocktails using local Vancouver and British Columbia based spirits.  Perhaps start with an espresso martini.

LeClair Organics is exceptionally meticulous in ensuring environmentally friendly coffee, ethical coffee sourcing and rainforest safe coffees.   We want to become leaders by examples as a positive impact company including  offering compostable coffee packaging options.

We are glad to make a product that people are able to enjoy on a regular basis, therefore consider the LeClair Organics coffee subscription model.  We therefore have coffee delivery to your door locally in Vancouver on a subscription basis.

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