LeClair Organics coffee products are now available for sale to buy locally in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We are known for our specialty coffee products such as the Liberica Coffee, Cascara Tea, Coffee Berry Tea and Racemosa Coffee.  Also look for current and future changing products such as Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee, Excelsa coffee and others.  We’ve partnered with top coffee roasters to ensure the freshest roast to order coffee.

Our Saskatoon Coffees and cascara tea are great for specialty lattes, coffee cocktails or cascara cocktails.  Try coffee cocktails using local Saskatoon and Saskatchewan based spirits.  Perhaps start with one of our espresso martini recipes.

Beyond an exceptional quality product, LeClair Organics core values are to provide environmentally friendly coffee and ethical coffee sourcing.  We consider our coffee estate sources as our direct partners in which we require the same care for quality as per local Saskatchewan agriculture.   Some may call it “beyond fair trade coffee” and “direct trade coffee” but we think of it as direct integration with the coffee innovators of their respective communities.  Our intention is to be a positive impact company also offering compostable coffee packaging.

If you enjoy our products, perhaps consider a LeClair Organics coffee subscription for monthly coffee delivery to your door locally.

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