LeClair Organics Calgary coffee is available to buy in an ever expanding list of local café, restaurant, hotel, bar and retail locations.  Our coffees are also  available to order to your door across Calgary, Alberta and surrounding Alberta communities including Airdrie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Drumheller, Red Deer, Banff and Canmore.

We are known for our specialty coffee favourites such as the Liberica Coffee, Cascara Tea, Coffee Berry Tea and Racemosa Coffee.  There are tons of Calgary coffees on the market however we are the first to offer Liberica Coffee Beans to Calgary.  This makes us unique amongst calgary coffee roasters.  As a unique species, liberica coffee has a distinctive taste from common arabica coffee or robusta coffee. We may also continually rotate new products in such as Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee, Excelsa coffee amongst others.

LeClair Organics values a high standard in our ethical coffee sourcing.  We get to know our coffee estates as business partners.  We intend to provide sustainable and compostable coffee packaging options, with an aim to be the most environmentally friendly coffee option across Calgary.

If you love Calgary’s local distilleries then be sure to use our specialty coffees in your favourite coffee cocktails such as an espresso martini.

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