LeClair Organics offers Coffee Berry Tea, also known as cascara tea or coffee cherry tea.  Our coffee berry tea is available to buy and is for sale across Canada and soon to expand across the United States.  Available across Canada and our base locations of Vancouver, Saskatoon, Victoria and Toronto through ecommerce delivered to peoples homes.  As well we are in a growing number of retail, hotel, restaurant and bar locations.

The coffee berry is the vibrant red berry that is removed from the coffee bean in the production process.  Use coffee berry tea or cascara tea in a cascara latte, cascara tea cocktails or coffee berry tea cocktails.

Cascara tea is a major upcycle opportunity with social entrepreneurial aspects.  We aim to create new revenue by utilizing the waste stream of the discarded coffee berry.  Therefore over time the vision is to be able to calculate an increased profit per acre on the coffee estates due to this brand new revenue stream.

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