LeClair Organics offers a cascara tea or coffee berry tea, which is also exceptional in many cascara latte recipes.  Our cascara tea is available to buy across Canada and soon to expand across the United States for your at home latte recipes.  Therefore you may enjoy across Canada and our base locations of Vancouver, Saskatoon, Victoria and Toronto.

Cascara tea comes from a red coffee berry that is discarded from the coffee bean in the production process.  Therefore this is major upcycle opportunity with social entrepreneurial aspects. It is a new revenue stream for coffee farmers that otherwise would thrown away. Use our cascara tea to make your favourite specialty latte recipes, including cascara based boozy latte recipes with alcohol, or specialty latte cocktails.   A standard recipe 2oz double shot of espresso, 2 oz strong cascara tea, 4 oz 2% steamed milk and sugar as desired.  There are many types of specialty latte recipes that also may include variations such as half and half cream cascara breve, heavy cream cascara creme, whipped cream cascara con panna.  Variations in proportions and serving the steamed milk may include cascara cappuccino, cascara flat white or cascara macchiato recipes.

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