LeClair Organics Shop

LeClair Organics aims to inspire imaginative possibilities by accessibility to exceptional ingredients.  We offer flavours that resonate with world class barista, mixology & culinary palates.  We are glad to offer distinctly unique products available to Canada and soon across North America.

Currently available online includes Liberica Coffee and Coffee Berry Tea. Stay in touch for seasonal Racemosa Coffee a rare and exclusive distinct coffee species usually available very shortly around January.

Retail Only

The below products now available through select retailers only.  Ecommerce online ordering coming soon.

Green Yaupon Tea, the only native North American plant that contains caffeine.  Cultivated by regenerative agriculture techniques, only sunlight and water as inputs.

Guayusa Tea, wild harvested from small scale farmers amongst the equadorian amazon.   L-theanine, theobromine and as much caffeine aine as coffee

Yerba Matea loose leaf tea with equivalent caffeine coffee which is more popular than Coffee in several South American countries

Macambo and Cupuacu Beans, both cultivated from relatives of the cacao tree and with health properties equally as  exciting to cacao beans.

Racemosa Coffee “Coffea Racemosa” the rarest available coffee species in the world, a fourth distinct species of coffee.  Very limited quantity and seasonality.