Saskatoon Coffee Vanilla Espresso Martini

We used our LeClair Organics Liberica Coffee and local Saskatoon made vanilla vodka to make an what we think may be one of your new espresso martini favourites.  Our coffee company is founded locally in Saskatoon and available to buy in an expanded number of locations.

For this particular recipe we used vodka from Lucky Bastard Distillers and paired this with our Saskatoon liberica coffee.

This local Saskatoon vanila vodka is “distilled seven times for good luck” and is perfect for many coffee cocktail variations.  We modified our version of the traditional IBA official espresso martini by using a vanilla infused vodka and chose specifically our liberica beans for the espresso.

LeClair Organics Coffee Saskatoon, Coffee Roaster Saskatoon, using liberica coffee in an espresso martini coffee cocktail

Vanilla Espresso Martini Recipe

2 oz Liberica Espresso

2 oz Lucky Bastard Vanilla

1 egg white

A small dash of demerara syrup

Mix all components in a shaker with ice.  Pour into a pre-chilled martini glass.  The egg white will give an extra smooth texture beyond the traditional IBA espresso martini.  Garnish with 3 Liberica beans, which are a signature teardrop shape and slightly larger than arabica.


You may alter the recipe by adding 1 oz rum and reduce to 1 oz vanilla vodka.  You may also experiment with varying syrup flavours.  The liberica bean has strong fruit flavour notes, so perhaps syrups that compliment the liberica.  There are many other local Saskatoon spirits that you can replace the vanilla Vodka, such as our Saskatoon chai espresso martini recipe.  For a full list of many espresso martini recipes, see our top 10 best espresso martini recipes post.

Saskatoon Coffee Roaster

You can find our specialty roasted coffee locally in Saskatoon to make this vanilla espresso martini variation.  We are coffee roasters of specialty coffees including our popular liberica bean used in this particular recipe.  Our Saskatoon Liberica Coffee is a distinct coffee species, and you may learn all you need to know about Liberica coffee in our post.    We are glad to be the first to offer this unique coffea liberica coffee species to Saskatoon available to pair with your favourite local spirits in coffee cocktails.