Saskatoon Coffee, Iced Cognac Coffee Cocktail

If you are a fan of iced coffee, we have a great cocktail recipe for you.  LeClair Organics made an exceptional iced cognac coffee cocktail a using our Saskatoon available coffee.  For this recipe we decided to use our liberica coffee bean paired with a premium French cognac and real Madagascar vanilla syrup as sweetener.  As long as you have the ingredients available this is really quite a simple recipe to make with only three ingredients.  Despite the simplicity, the particular ingredients chosen are all of premium quality.  In this particular recipe per the picture we utilized a high quality Remmy Martin VSOP cognac.


Iced Cognac Coffee Cocktail Recipe

6 oz French Pressed Liberica Coffee

2 oz Premium French Cognac

1/2 oz Madagascar vanilla bean syrup

1 scoop of Ice.


You may prepare the liberica coffee per your personal preference such as using a french press, drip coffee or Caffè Americano.  Ideally this coffee can be pre-chilled ensuring that you create limited dilution with the ice.  Take all the ingredients and mix with a cocktail spoon.  Put a scoop of ice in a pre-chilled gin coppa glass or balloon glass.  Pour your mixture of liberica coffee, cognac and vanilla into the baloon glass with ice.

As an option, you may alternatively switch the vanilla syrup for other sweeteners that may be available.  You may choose a simple syrup, demerara sugar, muscovado sugar, honey or whatever suits your preference.  Using a premium Madagascar vanilla syrup will ad an exceptional complexity of flavours and is ideal.

As you can see a very simple yet classy drink.  It has much more drinkable volume to it than an espresso martini as we are using a french press brewed coffee.  You do not have to keep it simple as three ingredients, you may start experimenting with other options such as adding a Grand Marnier or perhaps even an amaro.


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