Espresso Negroni Cocktail

LeClair Organics recently made an espresso negroni cocktail, a unique variation of the classic negroni cocktail.  A negroni cocktail usually entails your choice of gin, citrus/gentian liqueur and vermouth.  Of course over time people have gotten creative in their variations and how they make their own signature negronis.  A popular choice of citrus or gentian liqueur is Campari which gives your negroni the classic vibrantly red coloured look it is known for.  Some may prefer to use Suze Aperitif Gentian, others may use Aperol.  Pending your recipe you may choose a sweet red vermouth or a white dry vermouth.  I’ve actually found a great vermouth from Vancouver’s Odd Society Spirits.

The base of a Negroni is Gin, however substituting the Gin for Bourbon is called a Boulevardier.  Replacing your gin with cognac, some call a French Negroni.  Your choice of gin may vary considerably as the herbal botanicals of each give a signature flavour.

For this particular coffee cocktail recipe, as we are a Saskatoon founded company we decided to also choose  Saskatoon Coffee and Lucky Bastard distillery gambit Gin.  We think the liberica espresso is an exceptional choice of coffee bean for this negroni recipe.  This flavourful drink has some strength to it as well has the caffeine kick and espresso shot to keep you going for the night.

Another optional item to add depth and character to your negroni is a choice of bitters.  Going on with the theme of Saskatchewan, you can use locally made Traditional Citrus Bitters as seen we used in the picture.

Espresso Negroni Recipe

1 oz One Liberica esspresso shot

1 oz citrus/gentian liqueur

1 oz Canadian made sweet vermouth

1 oz Saskatchewan made Gin

Expressed orange slice garnish


The liberica espresso negroni is stirred with ice, not shaken.  Place all ingredients into your cocktail mixer with ice and stir.  Strain and pour into a chilled old fashioned glass ideally with an oversized ice cube to limit dilution speed.  Express your orange slice garnish over your drink and rim.

The negroni is a classic and we hope the espresso negroni starts to catch on soon too!


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