Saskatoon Coffee Cocktails, The Liberica Chai Espresso Martini

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We used our LeClair Organics Liberica Coffee and local Saskatoon Chai Vodka for this unique espresso martini variation.  Both our Liberica coffee and the chai vodka from Lucky Bastard Distillers are easily accessible to find locally across Saskatoon for this recipe.

This vodka is “distilled seven times for good luck” and is perfect for any chai flavoured cocktails you may be dreaming up.  The traditional espresso martini normally uses a standard vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and sugar.  We’ve slightly modified the ingredients and included our Liberica espresso.

Chai Espresso Martini

2 oz Liberica Espresso

2 oz Lucky Bastard Chai Vodka

1 egg white

A small dash of demerara syrup

Mix all components in a shaker with ice and pour in your martini glass with a smooth foam. Garnish with 3 Liberica beans.

A very small dash of simple syrup or muscovado sugar is needed as per preference.  Liberica is uniquely a flavourful and vibrant bean which you may not need much sugar and therefore accentuate natural flavour tones of the espresso.


You may also add a vanilla cocktail syrup to substitute for the demerara syrup.  There are many other local Saskatoon spirits that you can substitute for a different espresso flavour combination such as a Lucky Bastard Espresso Vanilla Vodka.  For an extensive list of espresso martinis, see our top 10 best espresso martini recipes post.

Coffee Roaster Saskatoon

You can find our specialty coffee locally in Saskatoon and make this espresso martini variation.  We are coffee roasters of specialty coffees including the liberica bean described in this recipe.  Liberica Coffee is a distinct coffee species, about 1/3 larger and unique fruit & honey flavour notes.  We are glad to be the first to offer this unique coffea liberica coffee species to Saskatoon available to pair with your favourite local spirits in coffee cocktails.