Saskatoon Coffee, Citrus Espresso Martini

For this recipe LeClair Organics has used our liberica coffee in a unique espresso martini coffee cocktail.  As a Saskatoon founded company we used our Saskatoon available coffee, a Saskatoon rum or vodka from Lucky Bastard Distillery, Grand Marnier cognac bitter orange liqueur and vanilla syrup.  When possible we prefer to use locally ingredients and support local Canadian distilleries.  You can find our specialty Liberica coffee locally with expanding available locations in Saskatoon as well across Canada.   Our liberica Coffee is actually a separate coffee species, and you may learn more in our post regarding all you need to know about Liberica coffee.


LeClair Organics Saskatoon specialty coffee and saskatoon coffee roaster, espresso martini with grand marnier

Citrus Espresso Martini Recipe

2 oz Liberica Espresso

1 1/2 oz Rum

1 1/2 Citrus Liqueur such as Grand Marnier

1 egg white or vegan option

1/2 oz Vanila Syrup 

Mix all components in a shaker with ice for approximately 15 seconds.  Pour into a pre-chilled martini glass.   Garnish with an orange peel and express over the drink before serving.


You may change the recipe by replacing the rum with a vodka or vanila vodka.  Instead of Vanila syrup you may experiment with alternative flavours of syrup such as yuzu syrup.  The liberica bean is a sweeter bean and find a syrups that compliment the liberica.  If you liked this coffee cocktail then check our top 10 best espresso martini recipes post for many more variations.