LeClair Organics recently did a Saskatoon coffee brand shoot with Jenna Rozlin.   Being the founder of LeClair Media and a photographer I had the exciting opportunity to do a photoshoot for my own brand.  We are by no means the average coffee company, which is what I wanted to portray in the imagery.  There are plenty of regular coffee companies out there recycling the same type of messaging and branding.  This is consistent in that we offering a very distinctive coffee, Liberica Coffee rather than your regular arabica coffee.  To stand out in a crowded, yet popular marketplace we needed branding that stands out beyond what others are doing.  As you can see below, the shoot’s inspiration was positioned much closer to a luxury spirit or fashion brand versus what you would see traditionally in the coffee market.

Interestingly enough, the popularity of the products has been primarily in Toronto and Vancouver.  However the home base of LeClair Organics is local to Saskatoon.  I was glad to do a shoot locally in Saskatoon with the intent to also get some more traction in the home marketplace!


LeClair Organics Coffee Saskatoon, Coffee Roaster Saskatoon commercial photography with Jenna Rozlin

Modeling: Jenna Rozlin

Agency: Stray Management 

Styling & Makeup: Regi Sankey

Photography: LeClair Media 


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