Saskatoon Coffee, Amaro Nonio Espresso Martini


LeClair Organics recently made an amaro nonio espresso martini coffee cocktail using our saskatoon available liberica coffee bean.  This cocktail entails components of our liberica espresso, Nonio Quintessentia Amaro, a canadian whisky, simple syrup and egg white.  As a Saskatoon founded company we decided that utilizing a Saskatchewan made whisky would be a suitable choice.  Don’t let that stop you if your from other locations.  There are plenty of other amazing whisky options available and we will ship our coffee to your door across Canada.

This recipe We particularly chose the Nonio Quintessentia Amaro from Italy.  This amaro is based on a Grappa grape distillate mixed with a signature recipe of herbs.  There is an exceptional complexity of flavours due tue the mixture of herbs & spices.  Flavour notes you may detect include orange peel, bitter orange, apricot, thyme, saffron, & gentian.  It is particularly well known for it’s usage in the popular cocktail the “paper plane”.  We believe that this amaro is an exceptional pairing in an espresso martini styled drink, as well quite a unique pairing of flavours.


Amaro Nonio Espresso Martini Recipe

1 1/2 oz Amaro Nonio

1 1/2 oz Canadian Whisky

2 oz Double Shot of Espresso

1/2 oz simple syrup or honey syrup

optional: egg white for texture


For another variation, remove the bourbon and double your Amaro Nonio Recipe.  This allows you to have a heavy focus on your Amaro component.

Mix all components with ice in your cocktail shaker thoroughly.  Double strain and pour into a pre-chilled martini glass.

There are plenty of other variations of the espresso martini.  As a start we’d recommend checking out our other unique Saskatoon based coffee cocktail, our gin espresso martini recipe.