Today we made a Racemosa Espresso Martini, using the world’s rarest coffee species commercially available (coffea racemosa). As you can see like a classic espresso martini we have garnished with the 3 mini Racemosa beans.  We placed them beside one Arabica bean for comparison and to visually highlight this is not your regular coffee bean.  You can see are about 1/3 the size of the Arabica bean.  Being such a unique bean, we would suggest pairing your racemosa espresso martini with equally premium top shelf spirits of complimentary flavour profiles such as a cognac, vodka or gin.  The spirit pairing you choose will either highlight or balance different components of the drink.
Racemosa Espresso Martini:
Racemosa Espresso
Muscovado syrup/sugar
Egg white
Optional: substitute in premium vodka or gin
Shake ingredients thoroughly in a cocktail shaker and pour with a smooth foam over a martini glass.  Out of all the ways to create the Racemosa Espresso Martini, we believe our favourite way to experience this bean is using cognac.