Racemosa Cocktails and Coffees

Our Racemosa Coffee Beans are an exclusive and rare item. It is well suited for Five Star Hotel Café, Dining, Lobby & Bar as well as fine dining restaurants desiring to provide an exceptionally unique coffee experience.  However this same premium experience can be had from the comfort of your home.

We initially recommend to try a Racemosa Espresso or Americano for the first time and experience the pure flavour profile.  For the more adventurous personalities and professionals we have developed a menu specifically for this bean.  As Racemosa is such an exclusive bean these will be some of the first recipes of their kind.

Perhaps start with a Racemosa Espresso Martini using a fine Cognac, Racemosa Scotch Coffee.  See more product information on the racemosa coffee product page

Racemosa Coffee Espresso cocktails

Racemosa Sample Menu

Racemosa Espresso Cocktails

As Racemosa coffee beans are such a rare item, these are to be the first cocktails & recipes of their kind using this specific bean.  This premium cocktail worthy racemosa bean pairs well with top shelf spirits.

Cognac & Racemosa Espresso Martini 

The espresso martini has become a classic cocktail across North America.  We have taken this cocktail to the next level by pairing racemosa espresso, a bean from the rarest in production coffee species in the world with our select choice of premium cognac.  This cocktail makes for an exceptionally noteworthy and memorable coffee experience. 

Racemosa Espresso, Premium Cognac, Egg white, Racemosa bean & gold leaf dusting garnish

Optional: pair racemosa with an equally premium cognac for a standout drink, sweeten with premium complimentary culinary honey

Racemosa Caffè corretto al cognac

An Italian beverage consisting of a shot of espresso combined with small amount of liquor

Racemosa espresso, cognac

Racemosa Scotch Coffee

Drink your top shelf scotch either neat, on ice or paired with equally quality ingredients in a cocktail.  For an exceptionally unique scotch coffee experience, pair with a racemosa bean.

Racemosa espresso, top shelf scotch, shaken on ice

Racemosa Espresso Martini

The smoothness of a top shelf vodka will allow the racemosa to shine through as the highlight of your cocktail.  The racemosa beans as a garnish will visually display their distinct size, only 1/3 the size of common Arabica beans. 

Racemosa Espresso, top shelf vodka, muscovado sugar, 3 racemosa bean garnish

Racemosa Coffee & Racemosa Latte Menu

Being such an exclusive bean our we have selected only the finest premium ingredients to pair in our racemosa coffee recipes.

Racemosa Latte:

Racemosa espresso, steamed milk

optional: Use half & half cream to modify as a “breve”.  Use premium nut milk for a vegan option.

Grand Racemosa Citrus Cream Latte:

Racemosa espresso, rmadagascar vanila bean infused cream, cognac citrus liqueur, freshly ground vanilla bean powder garnish

Racemosa Cognac Latte

Racemosa espresso, VSOP or XO cognac, half & half cream

Optional: add amaretto