Racemosa Coffee – Coffea Racemosa

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Racemosa Coffee

  • Current Crop is SOLD OUT.  Our Racemosa Coffee Beans will be a limited seasonal offering moving forward Jan 1, 2022.  Keep in touch on social media for our release date.  Please email directly if you are a Cafe/restauraunt client.  
  • Racemosa Coffee, Coffea Racemosa is the rarest available distinct coffee species in production
  • Racemosa Coffee now available to canada
  • Naturally very low caffeine content
  • 32 Grams of Whole Racemosa Coffee Beans per bag
  • Four 8 gram espresso servings
  • Serve as espresso or americano to experience the pure flavours, or get innovative with a racemosa espresso cocktail


Racemosa Coffee: Coffea Racemosa

Racemosa Coffee, Coffea Racemosa, Racemosa Espresso


Racemosa is currently SOLD OUT for the ecommerce sales.  Racemosa is rare and very limited in production.  Moving forward Racemosa Coffee will become a limited seasonal offering.  Please contact directly for hotel or café orders / pre-order requests.

Flavour Profile:

Light and refreshing, slightly smoky, with flavour notes of licorice, raw cacao and earthy tones.

Coffea Racemosa, the rarest coffee species in production:

Racemosa Coffee (Coffea Racemosa) is the rarest coffee production species in the world, an exclusive item and very limited in production availability.  Racemosa is currently being offered exclusively to high end hotel & restaurant partners and the unique opportunity to try by ordering online.

Racemosa will provide a rich and sophisticated flavour profile distinctively unique to this rare bean.  You may expect a light and refreshing coffee, slightly smoky with flavour notes of licorice, earthy tones and raw cacao bean.  This unique and exclusive rarity will be unlike any coffee you have experienced before.  You will visually be able to distinguish Racemosa as the bean is approximately 1/3 the size of a common Arabica bean.  The berries are also smaller and will only produce about 1/6 the amount of an arabica bush per acre making for a much more labour intensive product.  Racemosa has very low caffeine in its natural unprocessed form which is quite unique amongst coffee beans.  With such minimal levels of caffeine, you almost may consider this to be a caffeine free drink.  Although at this time the bean is better appreciated as an elusive flavour experience rather than mass marketed caffeine free bean.

There are 120 Coffea species, most of which are only available wild or only seen a handful of times.  Most commonly consumed are only the two species Arabica coffee (Coffea Arabica) or Robusta Coffee (Coffea Canephora).  Racemosa Coffee (Coffea Racemosa) however is a distinctly unique species apart from those two common species.      Racemosa coffee in the wild is only found within a 150 KM squared radius. By creating demand for Racemosa Coffee we enable long term expansion of supply availability and production quality for the long term.  Simultaneously this protects and promotes the survival of this biodiverse coffee species.  Racemosa coffee is a medium to tell the story behind the importance of biodiversity security.  It’s a direct demonstration of the value of environmental conservation and will spread awareness of the many endangered coffea species.

We take pride in making unique flavours and ingredients accessible.  The rarest coffee species in the world is now accessible to sample at similar value of a common champagne or premium scotch tasting.

Recommended Serve

We recommend to experience the pure flavour profile of Racemosa coffee the first time. Utilizing a fine espresso grind you may produce a single/double espresso or Caffé Americano.  Being an exclusively unique bean, these are sure to elevate and excite premium coffee recipes and cocktails.  Perhaps start simple with a premium racemosa espresso martini variation.

More Visuals

Size Comparison of Racemosa Bean, Liberica Bean, Arabica Bean

Comparison of Racemosa Bean, Liberica Bean, Arabica Bean

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