Macambo Beans


“Soft launch” currently available through select retailers only.  Ecommerce online ordering coming soon.

  • 200g Macambo beans, sprouted & dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve nutrients in their most natural form.
  • Sourced from the Peruvian Amazon
  • Macambo (Theobroma bicolour) is a close relative of the well known Cacao Tree (Theobroma cacao) which we obtain cacao beans and chocolate. We believe Macambo beans are equally as exciting as cacao beans!
  • Approximately 23 grams of plant based protein per 100 gram serving
  • Contains theobromine, the same energy promoting properties also found in chocolate
  • A social enterprise model with intention to initiate scalable benefits for both the environment and community
  • Macambo is a native Amazonian tree species grown under agroforestry conditions that regenerate nature and enhance biodiversity
  • High in essential fatty acids such as oleic acid Omega-9 (45%)found commonly in avocados and stearic acid (43%) commonly found in cacao butter
  • An exceptionally versatile ingredient eaten alone or in recipes. Use in similar applications as you would with cacao beans or almonds including trail mix, granola, yogurt, ice cream and much more.  With a high powered blender make Macambo nut butters or vegan nut milks


Macambo (Theobroma Bicolour)

We are excited to launch and lead the expansion of Macambo beans across Canada and soon  North America.  Our whole bean Macambo product is first sprouted for enhanced digestibility then is dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve nutrients in their most natural form.  This also gives it a much more vibrant and fresh white colouring compared to toasted macambo beans.  Being rarely imported to North America, Macambo is an exciting new experience to most people of North America.  It has exceptional health properties alongside being a social enterprise model that initiates scalable benefits for the environment and community.  A noteworthy point to make is that macambo is an incredible plant based protein source, comprised of approximately 23% protein.

Macambo is also known amongst other names such as Jaguar Chocolate, Pataxte, Peruvian chocolate or majambo.  The Macambo tree “Theobroma Bicolour” is directly related to the cacao tree “Theobroma Cacao”, the same plant that produces cacao beans and chocolate.  The macambo trees produce a pods approximately 1 kg+ in size .  The pods contain oval beans surrounded in fruit pulp which is also a flavourful consumable product with high potential.  The beans are removed from the pod and fruit pulp before moving to the processing stages of sprouting and drying.

With continued expansion and sales of Macambo we are able to contribute towards a scalable social entrepreneurial model that promotes both the environment and community in which it is grown.  The Macambo is a native Amazonian tree species and ideal keystone species to regenerate the nature and biodiversity to the surrounding area.  Our macambo is grown amongst its natural rainforest habitat with regenerative agroforestry principals.  Macambo is sourced from local small farms in the Peruvian Amazon.  Sales in North America generate sustainable economic development & opportunity for high value exports to small farmers and overall beneficial prosperity of the community of the region.


Macambo is an exceptionally nutrient dense product, full of energy, rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants.  It is an ideal plant based protein and positioned well for a health conscious consumer:

  • A great source of plant based protein with 23 grams per a 100 gram serving size.
  • Macambo is a high source of fibre, being approximately 30% fiber
  • Rich in healthy fatty acids. Macambo is high in Oleic Acid Omega – 9 (45% ).  High percentages of oleic acid omega-9 are commonly seen as a health benefit of avocados and olives
  • Stearic acid is approximately 43 % of the lipid contents, which is unique amongst plant based lipid sources.  Similar concentrations are also present in cacao butter.
  • Contains theobromine a component also found in cacao/chocolate
  • Just like it’s “relative” cacao, Macambo also contains an wide array of flavonoids as well as other healthy plant compounds and “antioxidants”.  These include but are not limited to epicatechin, myricetin and quercetin.



Macambo is an energy and nutrient dense snack that may be eaten on their own or as an exceptionally versatile ingredient in many recipes.  Having an exceptionally desirable flavour and nutrient profile, the Macambo is even being used by top Peruvian chefs.

You can expect to use Macambo in similar applications as you would with cacao beans or almonds.  This includes usage as the whole bean or in pieces either sliced or crushed.  You may process macambo into a finer size using a mortar and pestle, food processor or chopped manually with a knife.

Macambo is versatile in recipes that are sweet or savory, hot or cold such as the following:

  • As a topping on trail mix, granola, or oatmeal, yogurt, acai bowl, smoothie bowls, salads
  • Incorporate into desserts, ice cream, cookies, brownies, various baked goods
  • Include in savory dishes or sauces as you would similar to other nuts like pine nuts or almonds
  • With a high power blender macambo may be processed into a macambo nut butter, vegan nut milk or sauce amongst many other creative opportunities.

Our Macambo is unprocessed in its whole bean form, however Macambo has been further processed just like cacao into a form of “chocolate”.  Macambo “chocolate” has also been made into a drink comparable to a hot chocolate or cacao latte.  Originally we stumbled upon macambo in the search for premium latte ingredients.


*Contains theobromine.  Treat as you would with chocolate and do not feed to pets.  

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