Guayusa Tea


Brief description

“Soft launch” currently available through select retailers only.  Ecommerce online ordering coming soon.

– 200g Dried Guayusa Leaf, finely milled

– Serving size 4 grams / 1 teaspoon per  14 OZ / 473 ml water

– Sourced from Ecuador directly from small scale farms

– Guayusa naturally grows within the Amazon rainforest as a native plant.  Therefore guayusa is wild harvested within an agroforestry systems that promotes biodiversity and strategically reduces deforestation

– a social enterprise model with positive intention to improve environment, community & economic opportunity

– Contains a near equivalent amount of caffeine per cup as coffee, theobromine, L-theanine and other health promoting properties for sustainable energy

– Prepare as a hot infusion tea, cold brew, iced tea or an ingredient in guayusa lattes, tea blends, cocktails or other recipes.



Guayusa (Ilex guayusa)

Guayusa(Ilex guayusa) pronounced “way-you-sa” is a native evergreen to the amazon rainforest, primarily seen in Ecuador yet its natural habitat extends further to Peru and Columbia.  The guayusa leaves have been utilized for over 1500 years traditionally in the Ecuadorian region.  Our Ecuadorian sourced Guayusa is a finely milled loose leaf tea and lightly dried to preserve the optimal natural flavours and health promoting components.  Milling allows for maximal extraction from the guayusa.  Guayusa is an exceptionally smooth and non bitter tea due to lack of tannins you would commonly find in green teas.  You may use Guayusa as a brewed tea, iced tea, guayusa latte, tea blends, guayusa cocktails or other exciting creative recipes.

Guayusa production is built on a social enterprise model designed with positive intention for the environment and community.  As guayusa becomes more popular we can continue to build upon the positive benefits gained from its expanded production.

Guayusa is sourced directly from small scale Ecuadorian farmers therefore promoting opportunities through economic growth, opportunity for high value export markets and ongoing local sustainable development.

As a native Ecuadorian tree, Guayusa naturally grows within the rainforest.  Our Guayusa is grown underneath Amazonian canopy trees within an agroforestry system designed to promote the biodiversity and sustainability of the natural ecosystem.  This system is a creative way to reduce deforestation.  This also means that our Guayusa is organically cultivated.

Guayusa has been known as a healthy energy promoting beverage amongst Ecuadorians for thousands of years.  The complex balance of caffeine, theobromine, & L-theanine combined with other health promoting properties will provide for a rejuvenating and sustainable energy unique to guayusa.  Brewed Guayusa has nearly the amount of caffeine per equivalent cup of coffee.  It also contains Theobromine, well known as being an energizing component of chocolate.   Guayusa contains L-theanine and the many benefits that come along with it. You will find the L-theanine provides an added calming effect & mental clarity.  “L-theanine” is also attributed to these similar effects found amongst popular Matcha teas.  Guayusa is also known to contain a complex balance of health promoting phytochemicals including chlorogenic acids and  flavonoids quercetin and rutin

Yerba Mate is a close genetic relative of the Guayusa plant.  Yerba Mate actually surpasses coffee as the most consumed drink in many South America countries such as Brazil, Argentina & Paraguay!  We are excited to expand upon the popularity and potential of Guayusa knowing the current successes and similarities to Yerba Mate.


How to Use

You may use as a hot infused tea, cold brew, iced tea or use as an ingredient in Guayusa lattes, tea blends, cocktails or other recipes.

There are several methods that may be used to prepare your Guayusa Tea.

  • Approximate serving size: 4 grams/1 teaspoon per 14 oz/ 473 ml
  • Add more Yaupon if desired for a stronger infusion.

Hot Infusion:

Infuse as a loose leaf tea in hot water just short of boiling approximately 80 degrees.   Brew for 5-8 minutes using your choice of loose leaf tea infusers.  Brew using traditional tea infusers such as tea balls or tea brew baskets.  You may even use a French press if that is more convenient.

Cold brew:

Place your loose leaf yaupon in a container or pitcher with cold water.  Simply place your container in the fridge for 2-6 hours or even overnight.


You may even prefer to brew Guayusa as you would a traditional Yerba Mate by using a gourd & bombilla.  Yerba Mate is a relative to Guayusa and similar brewing methods may be used per personal preference.

*contains theobromine.  Similar to chocolate do not feed to pets

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