Coffee Berry Tea


Coffee Berry Tea, also known as coffee cascara tea or coffee cherry tea.

  • Coffee Berry Tea, now available to Canada and soon the United States
  • Coffee Berry Tea 150 grams
  • A signature blend of arabica and robusta varietals
  • A lightly caffeinated tea
  • Flavour notes of black cherry, raisin, appricot, honey
  • Perfect for a Coffee Berry Latte also known as a Cascara Tea Latte
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Coffee Berry Tea, Cascara Tea

Coffee berry tea, also known as coffee cherry tea or coffee cascara tea which is the dried berry removed from the bean during coffee production.

Flavour Profile:

Mildly sweet honey, black cherry, raisin, apricot, cacao

Product Description

We offer a signature Coffee Berry Tea blend from South America including Arabica(Coffea Arabica) coffee berries.

The coffee you drink comes from a red coffee berry that is removed from a green been which is then roasted.  Our coffee berries are washed, separated from the coffee bean, then dried to make our final coffee berry tea product.  To our surprise most coffee estates actually consider the coffee berry as a waste biproduct and will be discarded.  We therefore see this as a major upcycling opportunity.

Coffee berry tea has an exceptionally pleasant flavour profile that may be described of mildly sweet honey, black cherry, raisin and apricot.  There is also small amount of caffeine in coffee berries, however it will be a much lighter caffeine boost than coffee.

Coffee berries are known to be high in antioxidants as do most berries. Therefore there have been multiple publicly available university research studies that positioning them as a healthy addition to the diet.

We are glad to offer Coffee Berry Tea across Canada and soon the United States.

How to Serve

Brew methods may vary.  You may use common tools to brew tea such as a tea infuser or even a french press.  Ratios may vary per preference however you may try 20 grams coffee berry tea to 200ml of water, steep for 5-8 minutes at 90 degrees Celsius.

Coffee berry tea is quite flavorful on its own or with cream and sweetner.  Be sure to check out our cascara latte recipe or see some barista inspired recipes we have created.  The coffee berry tea an exceptional choice to add flavour to unique cocktails recipes.  We have made a list of coffee berry cocktails / Cascara Tea cocktails to inspire you.  Perhaps start with a coffee berry gin sour.

Coffee Berry Upcycling

Is the Coffee Berry worth More than the bean?  We think the coffee berry has an exceptionally high potential

We believe the coffee berry is equally as important as the bean and once you taste it you will recognize why!  As mentioned green coffee beans are separated from the coffee berry in the production stages before roasting.  The coffee berry is surprisingly considered a wasted by-product of the coffee production process on a majority of coffee lots globally.  We see this as a major opportunity to upcycle and develop waste into a valuable product.  This has potential to therefore add value and new revenue streams to current methods.

Coffee Berry Tea has already been a drink available for many years yet only isolated to a few nations.  It is still an underdeveloped flavour to North America which we aim to change.

Additional Information

The Coffee Berry, also known as a coffee cherry or as Cascara.  Cascara comes from the Spanish word for the word for shell or husk as referring to the dried coffee berry shell.  Technically speaking the term tea is reserved for only green teas and our product is actually a “herbal tea” or berry tisane.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Coffee Berry Tea, Cascara Tea, Coffee Cherry Tea

We have provided an in depth article providing everything else you may want to learn about the coffee berry.  Click here to view the detailed article on the coffee berry.


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