Liberica Coffee


Liberica Coffee, currently an elusive and rarely seen coffee species to North America.

  • Malaysia Single Origin, Honey Processed Liberica Coffee Beans
  • Liberica Coffee(Coffea Liberica) the third elusive coffee species, available across Canada and soon the United States
  • A distinctive coffee species separate from Arabica Coffee(coffea arabica) or Robusta Coffee (coffea canephora)
  • Visibly unique bean with a signature teardrop shape and 1/3 larger than arabica
  • 200 Gram Medium Espresso Roast Liberica Coffee Whole Beans


Liberica Coffee (Coffea Liberica)


Flavour profile:

Jackfruit, & Honey

Liberica Coffee the third coffee species, elusive to North America

North America normally drinks only two coffee species, this is the third.  Liberica Coffee is rarely seen or served North America and has gained a somewhat elusive reputation.  Coffea Liberica  is a completely separate species from the popular Arabica Coffee (Coffea Arabica) & Robusta Coffee(Coffea Canephora) most of us know of.  The liberica bean is visually distinct, has a signature teardrop shape and is 1/3 larger than an arabica.  Don’t go into the mindset that it’s going to taste like your regular Arabica coffee.  It’s immediately apparent with initial aromatics and taste that this is a different type of drink.


This unique species has an equally distinctive and unmatched flavour profile that is bound to be a favourite to those trying out for the first time and a delight to the most discerning palates.  One flavor characteristic above the others will be the sweetness and fruit highlights comparable to jackfruit.    You will be pleasantly surprised.  As an elusive bean, it is available at a value per serving similar to a premium matcha or coffee liqueur.  We are glad to make this available to Canada and soon United States.


The best way to experience Liberica would be in the form of an espresso or americano.  You may also use a french press or drip method.  The Liberica has a distinctly memorable and complex flavour experience which opens a window for imaginative new culinary, barista or mixology concepts.  Replace sugary coffee liqueurs with a premium cocktail worthy bean.  Perhaps start with our top 10 espresso martini recipes or our full list of liberica cocktail recipes.

Additional Liberica Coffee Info

The Liberica coffee berries are more than double the size compared to Arabica.  The Liberica plant is built substantially taller like a large tree which is very differentiated from an Arabica bush.  Looking at the Liberica beans you will visually notice a difference in shape and are slightly larger in size.

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