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The world depends primarily on 2 coffee species Arabica Coffee(coffea arabica) and Robusta Coffee (coffea robusta). Why limit ourselves to just two basic options. As one of the world’s most consumed beverages we thought there had to be more diversity available. We also realized due to the magnitude of coffee consumption, new ideas & innovations would make a significant impact. Currently the flavourful red berry that surrounds the coffee bean is removed and being discarded on most coffee estates. Therefore we see this as a major upcycle opportunity.

Therefore we are offering 2 distinct coffee species products and a coffee berry tea to Canada:

Racemosa Coffee (Coffea Racemosa) the rarest available production species in the world

Liberica Coffee (Coffea Liberica) a distinct coffee species and an elusive bean rarely seen in North America

Coffee Berry Tea , a tea from the flavourful dried fruit of the coffee plant. A major upcycle opportunity as is currently being discarded in the majority of coffee productions

LeClair Organics is a Canadian based organization currently focused on redefining the coffee experience & making innovative flavour opportunities accessible. The center of many people’s day starts with a cup of coffee and we intend to reimagine this experience in a new way. Beyond these offerings we place strong importance and lead by example in demonstrating social and environmental impact.


We are committed to providing exceptional taste, expanding palates and inspiring imaginative possibilities in the expression of ingredients and flavours. Our aim is to provide accessibility to ingredients that resonate with world class talents. Social entrepreneurship is a foundation of our success and therefore we insist on environmental & social responsibility.


• Creating an ingredient & flavour experience that resonates with world class culinary, mixology, barista talents and inspire a community to those with mastery in their craft.

• The continual pursuit of accessibility to these extraordinary flavour experiences

• To lead by example and influence as a positive social and environmental impact company

Our Impact

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Who We Are

Founder Story

LeClair Organics Founder Jeremy LeClair

Founder Jeremy LeClair

I’m Jeremy LeClair, Founder of LeClair Organics a Saskatoon founded company, with widespread reach across Canada.  I am also the Founder/Creative Director of LeClair Media a marketing company focused on photography, video production and design. As a Canadian based marketing professional & photographer My passion for visual storytelling and roots from frequent collaboration with a diversity of exciting entrepreneurs whom each have inspirational ideas & bold visions.

My influence and experience has come from working at a marketing agency for many years, being involved in the $30 Million Google XPRIZE competition, working on a few “Hollywood North” Film sets for Netflix Productions and the development of LeClair Media.  Therefore my passion for food & lifestyle photography had led me to collaborating with many entrepreneurs in the food, beverage and restaurant industries. Over time I became influenced and inspired to find a relevant opportunity to start my own brand.

In my investigation for new and innovative ingredients I recognized three important realizations.

  1. North America only consumes only 2 main coffee species Arabica Coffee(coffea arabica) & Robusta Coffee(coffea canephora)
  2. Outside of a select few countries traditional methods, most coffee estates remove and discard the coffee berry from the coffee bean during processing.
  3. Ecommerce products, Shipping Packaging and retail goods are a massive source of plastic and non-renewable garbage. Many socially conscious brands still don’t use eco-friendly packaging.

This led to the development of the first 3 initial products offered today Liberica Coffee (Coffea Liberica), Racemosa Coffee (Coffea Racemosa) and Coffee Berry Tea. We are currently focusing on reimagining the coffee experience with a mission to provide accessibility to world class ingredients and flavours. All product packaging is personally chosen with positive intention and ongoing improvement to being fully sustainable.


Quite simply, we can’t grow coffee here in Canada’s climate so we’ve carefully selected the right partners. Our agricultural partners are local innovators in their respective communities. Their coffee estates are treated with comparable respect and quality as a British Columbia vineyard. As we move forward we will share more photography and info about our partners.