Social and Environmental Impact

Each cup is a footprint on the earth and we take that personally.  We are committed to providing environmentally friendly coffee to Canada through our carefully selected product packaging.  Our intent seek ongoing improvement and to push the industry forward through our actions.


LeClair organics provides an environmentally friendly coffee option.  We aim to provide sustainable packaging for an environmentally friendly future.  It is very important to us that our products contribute no microplastics or toxins to the environment.

Product Packaging

Our product packaging is proudly made in Canada.  It’s made out of PLA (polylactide) a form of compostable packaging, made from renewable, non-gmo and bio-based materials.  We dedicated care and research to ensure all components are sustainable including compostable coffee degassing valves and zippers.


*** Currently a work in progress we are looking for an economical mailer that is fully eco friendly to our standards. ***

Our mailers are compostable which means they can even be placed in the same location as your coffee grounds when discarded.  Our mailers are made out of PLA or Polylactide sourced from waste corn + other plants and Corn starch filler based from corn waste not made for consumption.


Our mailing boxes are proudly a made in Canada item.  Our boxes are made from 100% recycled materials.  They are both recyclable and biodegradable.

Sourcing Excellence

We are committed to sourcing excellence.  Each cup is a footprint on the earth and we take that personally.  Sourced excellence to us means a high level of integrity & meticulous detail orientation throughout all levels of the supply chain.  We intend to lead by example as role models and therefore drive competition in the industry toward a higher standard. There is a sourcing story that unfolds within each cup or bite.  Food documentaries many times highlight the culinary creatives, however the stories behind the raw ingredients, the people and ideas behind them are also just as compelling.

We’ve found sourcing partners whom are local innovators in their respective communities.  We do direct trade and know the people behind the coffee estates we work with.  We looked for coffee estates that have the same high quality standards as you would find your British Columbian Vineyard or from a Saskatchewan wheat grower.

Coffea Biodiversity

We are proud promoters of coffea species biodiversity.  There are over 120 species of Coffea. New Coffea species are still being discovered and identified.  The majority of the coffee species are wild and found in regions at risk.  These regions have high levels of deforestation, human activity and disease and therefore are reducing wild coffee plant numbers.

We currently offer many coffee varieties including Racemosa Coffee (Coffea Racemosa), Liberica Coffee (Coffea Liberica) and a Coffee Berry tea powder including both Coffea Arabica & Coffea Robusta.  Racemosa and Liberica are much lesser known and rare species.  Creating a demand for these lesser known rare species ideally sustains and increases a quality supply of production while simultaneously encourages protection of unique ecosystems regions and safeguards native plant varieties.

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