Iced Cascara Tea & Montreal Gin Cocktail

Our cascara tea is an exceptional choice for the many iced tea cocktail variations out there whether they be with alcohol or no alcohol.  For this particular gin cocktail we utilized an exceptional local Montreal based Romeo’s Gin paired with Lillet Blanc, iced cascara tea and honey.  The Lillet Blanc is an essential favourite to have stored in your cocktail bar.  Its an aromatized wine blend from France mixed with approximately 15 percent macerated citrus liqueurs.  This iced tea cocktail or some may call it a “hard iced tea” variation is a great summer drink and not too heavy on the alcohol.

Gin iced cascara tea cocktail recipe

1 1/2 oz gin

1 1/2 Lillet Blanc

4 1/2 oz

1/2 oz honey syrup

Steep your Cascara tea per usual preparation concentration of 20 grams tea to 200 grams water.  Let steep for 5-8 minutes and place in fridge until chilled.

Pour ice into a pre-chilled highball glass.   Use your cocktail jigger to pour gin and Lillet Blanc and honey into the glass, pour into the glass and optional to serve with a citrus garnish and straw.  We hope you love this iced tea  cocktail recipe!


Substitute Gin for Vodka or perhaps even a relevant flavored vodka.  Utilizing vodka will lessen the herbal complexities of the drink and allow you to focus on the berry, citrus and sweet honey flavour notes.

Cascara tea in Montreal

Our LeClair Organics cascara tea is available in Montreal and we will continually update with expanding list of availability in local cafes, restaurants, bars and retail. Despite the popularity of coffee in Montreal, the awareness of cascara tea is still relatively limited as per 2020-2021 which we aim to change.   Just per one city the size of Montreal the magnitude of coffee berry wastage scales quite quickly!  Every coffee bean consumed in Montreal per day came from a vibrant red coffee berry which primarily is removed and discarded from the bean in coffee production.  Therefore we’re glad to transform this otherwise discarded product into an exceptionally flavourful berry tea available to Montreal.   There’s scalable positive change behind our product, with the long term vision to  prove large revenue increase per acre for coffee estate farmers.  We believe once we get people trying the cascara tea across Canada the flavour will speak for itself and  demand will spread.  With a demand and access to market, farmers will be able to transition to the new revenue seeking activities of cascara tea.  For full info on cascara tea see our post for everything you need to know about our the cascara tea.  There are tons of other recipes for this flavourful berry tea and we hope you get to try many variations beyond this gin iced tea.