Montreal Coffee Cocktail

LeClair Organics has done various espresso martini recipes, however this particular recipe we experimented with the Romeo Gin based out of Montreal, Quebec.  Every gin has a signature botanical blend and in this particular case Romeo Gin has particular flavour notes of juniper, cucumber, dill, lavender, almond and lemon.  This cocktail took inspiration not only for the exceptional quality of this gin, but also their mission to promote art and culture.  In this coffee cocktail we also included cointreau to enhance citrus flavours.  We think this is a relatively unique cocktail combination with quite a complexity of herbal flavours. 

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 Montreal Gin Espresso Martini Recipe

2 oz. Gin

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz Liberica espresso

Optional: simple syrup/honey syrup & egg white per personal preferences

 Take all ingredients, shake vigorously in a cocktail mixer.  Double strain into a martini glass with an expressed citrus peel or 3 coffee bean garnish on top. 

Coffee Roasters Montreal

Our Liberica estate partner has an exceptionally long history in specialized coffee roasting processes particular to Liberica.  the liberica bean is unique in coffee roasting as it has a much higher sugar content and is greater in size.  Much more delicate care is required in roasting otherwise these additional sugars can easily over roast, developing unwanted subtle flavours of charcoal or tobacco.  

Liberica Coffee Montreal

As far as we can tell as of 2020-2021 we are proud to be the first to offer our Liberica Coffee to Montreal, and there’s a ton of of coffee in Montreal.  We pride ourselves in providing accessibility to exceptional ingredients that resonate with world class barista, mixology & culinary talents.  We’re aiming to redefine the coffee experience, and therefore as a part of this are providing a coffee that is seemingly unheard of to Montreal or the rest of Canada.  Montreal currently uses two main coffee species, either Arabica or Robusta.  This is Liberica Coffee, a coffee originating from coffea liberica, a completely different species and plant.  Learn from our article on all you need to know about liberica coffee.

As you can see from this recipe, the liberica coffee is an exceptional choice in pairing with your favorite local Montreal, Quebec distillery products in coffee cocktails.  We hope you get a chance to try this coffee cocktail recipe!