Liberica Mocha Brandy Latte

LeClair Organics recently created a Liberica Mocha Brandy Latte / coffee cocktail recipe using our Saskatoon based Coffee, which is also available across Canada.  We used our liberica bean to make what has to be to date one of the more favourite recipes we have developed.  If you try this one out yourself, you will soon learn why we think that!  This is a recipe that is actually very simple to make if you have the automatic latte frothers.  You can get one of these relatively affordable rate starting at approximately $30 dollars.  With this usefull piece of equipment you essentially can put all ingredients into the device and just hit the start button!  We combined Brandy, our Liberica espresso, 75% dark chocolate, cream and optional almond butter for this luxurious Brandy Latte Recipe.  For this particular recipe we utilized the Torres 10  grand reserva brandy, which is aged in oak barrels.

For the most part in making this recipe it was done by taste and preference of strength, so refer to the following as a base.

Brandy Liberica Mocha Latte Recipe:

3 0z Half & Half Cream

2 oz

40 grams of 75% Chocolate

2 oz Brandy

Optional: Vegan Cream, a scoop of almond butter

Pour all ingredients into the Latte frother except for the brandy.  For the device I have, simply press the button once and it will warm your milk to appropriate tempurature while melting the liquid chocolate at the perfect consistency.   For anyone else counting time, this would be equivalent to about 5 minutes of frothing.  Once this is complete, pour your brandy in the frother and continue to froth for another minute to ensure it is mixed in.