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Gin Liberica Espresso Martini Cocktail

We will be continually experimenting with gin cocktails recipes using our liberica bean and coffee berry tea.  Each gin uses a blend of signature botanicals that makes it a unique entity amongst others.  We enjoy many gins across Canada for their unique botanical flavour profiles. In creation of your gin cocktails you may accentuate a particular element or botanical.  For this particular cocktail experiment, Aviation Gin is made with cardamom, coriander, french lavender, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, and two kinds of orange peel.  These botanicals add a lot of depth, complimenting the flavours of our Liberica espresso.  The lavender was a unique element that stood out in tasting Aviation Gin neat and in the espresso martini.
An espresso martini in a restaurant may use sugary coffee liqueurs for efficient cost management  We believe that to make the best espresso martinis you should instead pair premium spirits with equally high quality beans and just a touch of muscovado sugar/syrup.  Beans should be fresh and flavourful, with a know origin and story.  Beans that are handled with the same care as a top barista.
Our Liberica bean is a distinctly unique flavour that will make for an espresso martini with a memorable story behind it.

Liberica Espresso Martini Recipe:

2 Shots Liberica Espresso
1 Shot Gin
1 egg white
A dash of muscovado sugar/syrup, sweetness per preference
Put ingredients into a cocktail shaker and finish with a smooth foam on top.  Use 3 signature teardrop shaped liberica beans as garnish, they are visually distinct from Arabica.  Optional, reverse the recipe and  use 2 shots of gin and 1 shot espresso!

Additional Options:

As mentioned each gin has a unique blend of botanicals, however most with have strong highlights of juniper.  Therefore this recipe may be adapted to many other local Canadian based Gins.  Co-founder Ryan R is technically a dual citizen so perhaps you may say Aviation Gin has Canadian or Vancouver inspired roots.  Another Gin to try may be the Vancouver based Odd Society Spirits Wallflower Gin which includes 100% BC-grown barley with west coast and international botanicals.  The Saskatoon based Lucky Bastard Distillery Gambit Gin is always a favourite which even infuses local Saskatoon Berries in the mix.  Victoria Distillers or Toronto Based Spirit of York Distillery Gin are other options from the west coast to east coast.  These only cover a few great options and each will bring subtle differences in flavour per their botanicals.