Liberica Coffee Amaretto Sour


Amaretto Liberica Espresso Sour is perhaps one of our favourite cocktail recipes so far, but I could definitely say that for a lot of the new drinks we come up with.  Citrus will compliment and enhance the amaretto liqueurs flavours.  Using our Liberica (coffea liberica)Espresso specifically will be an optimal choice because of the sweet honey & fruit based flavour notes of this bean.  As per the picture you can see we used Disaronno for this particular drink.

Amaretto Liberica Espresso Sour:

– 2 ounces amaretto
– 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon
– 1 ounce/one shot of Liberica Espresso
– Egg White
Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and pour with a light foam on top.  Perhaps garnish with light dusting of cardamon for aromatics, artistic citrus bitter droplets or express a lemon twist.
For a true sour and smooth froth use an egg white or vegan alternative.
Egg white is what makes it frothy and smooth.  I put 1/2 an egg white for a very light foam on top.  For a different texture, this same recipe works without egg white and serve on ice and lemon wedge.


Perhaps experiment and substitute other citrus fruits in this drink.  You may change the recipe to include 1 oz of Canadian Whiskey and lower to 1/oz Amaretto.  This will add complexity and strength to the drink.  A few Canadian whiskey choices may include Vancouver based Liberty Distillery whiskey made from 100% British Columbia grown barley or Saskatchewan based Last Mountain Distillery Cherry Whiskey with organic local prairie cherries and Saskatchewan grown wheat whisky.  The Toronto Liberty distillery whisky and Shelter point single malt whisky are both amazing choices too!  Its always a good choice to support local distilleries!