This Liberica Cognac Sour is one of our favourite drinks.  As our liberica coffee bean is very uncommon to North America from the species coffea liberica, it’s an exciting opportunity to get inventive with liberica cocktails.
There are many variations to how an espresso sour can be made.  We prefer to use a premium cognac. Liberica’s flavour notes of jackfruit make for an exceptional pairing with such a cognac.
Liberica Cognac Sour:
1 part Liberica Espresso
1 part Cognac
1 lemon squeeze
1 egg white
Mix all components in a shaker with ice and pour with a smooth foam topping into an old fashioned glass.  Garnish with 3 liberica beans, a lemon twist variation or get creative.

For this particular recipe we used Remmy Marin VSOP which we think is an distinguished choice for this cocktail.  However this recipe will also create great coffee cocktails using various Canadian based brandy.  We may recommend BC based that uses Okanagan Spirits Pinot Noir Marc which uses 100% British Columbia fruit, the Ontario based Kinsip Brandy, or the Merridale Cowichan XXO Brandy from British Columbia. These are exceptional Canadian options all using local Canadian grown fruits.  It’s always great to support local businesses!