LeClair Organics Liberica Caffè Corretto Al Cognac Coffee Cocktails

LeClair Organics recently modified a Caffè Corretto recipe to make our Liberica Caffè Corretto Al Cognac.  This coffee cocktail recipe includes a Liberica Espresso shot combined with premium VSOP cognac or XO cognac.  For this specific drink we used premium Remmy Martin VSOP Cognac as seen in the picture.

A Caffè Corretto is an Italian beverage consisting of a shot of espresso combined with small amount of liquor.  Corretto is translated to English as the word to correct.  Our variation is a combination uses a Liberica Espresso shot and premium VSOP cognac or XO cognac.  There are a few variations to which this drink may be served.   You may simply use a double espresso cup and “correct” the empty space left in the cup.  Another way to serve is to provide both a liberica espresso shot and cognac shot, pouring the shot in yourself directly as desired.  This is quite a simple drink to prepare and we hope it starts to catch on across bars & cafes in North America as well!  Perhaps substitute the cognac out for a local Canadian made brandy.  A few options may include Kinsip Brandy made from Prince Edward County, Ontario grapes Or Cowichan XXO Brandy made from local British Columbia Grapes

LeClair Organics Liberica Espresso and Coffee Cocktails Canada

We personally enjoyed the Liberica Caffè Corretto Al Cognac a lot and we hope you do too!