LeClair Organics was recently featured in the latest edition of Maclean’s Magazine across Canada.  Check out the full Macleans Magazine article titled “This Saskatoon man is selling two rare species of coffee. Experts say he’s on to something” here.

LeClair Organics Featured on Maclean's Magazine 2

As mentioned in the article many are aware of Arabica or Robusta coffee, however the two beans we offer are Liberica and Racemosa coffee.  Both of those are unique coffee species coffea liberica and coffea racemosa.  The many varieties you commonly hear of are usually still a genetic varietal of Arabica rather than being a unique species.  As the article goes more into detail, liberica will have much sweeter flavour which you will immediately notice including strong fruity flavour notes.  When talking to Prajakta I explained that this exceptional fruity flavour comes from a bean with high sugar content.  The positives of this are obvious in its exceptional flavour and low acidity.  The double edged sword of this great flavour is the fact it requires much more delicate processing.  The liberica coffee berry requires immediate processing to prevent undesired berry and bean fermentation.  The other critical factor is in roasting.  The bean requires an exceptional care and level of detail within the roast process.  It appears that many have failed to recognize these critical factors in processing.  Therefore has actually created some negativity towards the bean and its flavour.  Those whom treat liberica like a normal arabica will be gravely disappointed.  If you over roast the liberica for example it will develop negative flavour qualities you may expect from any burnt sugars.  The other problem it has been seen is in delayed liberica processing.  You simply cannot just leave these liberica beans out for a long time before processing.  Particularly in Malaysia or the Philippines whom have very high temperature harvest weather.  I can compare to the utmost quality and detail that one must treat the high sugar content BC grapes on a winery.  These fruits are high sugar content and must be processed immediately or else risk of fermentation.  It would be obsurd to imagine anything less of a high quality wine grape.  The same can be of expected for liberica!  Therefore again, those whom treat the liberica as an arabica will develop negative flavour qualities.  The positive however is that when all levels of the supply chain are synchronized to an utmost level of quality, the liberica has an exceptional ability to rival and compare to some of the best coffees in the world.  I’d like to however think rather than comparing to other species, its more so its own entity.  Therefore we bring to Canada this unique third variety of coffee.  As you may read in the article, others with exceptional accolade in the coffee industry agree that Liberica is a new and upcoming bean to watch out for.

This is just a brief commentary on the article, however I recommend firstly read the whole piece!