LeClair Organics Coffee is now available in Lucky Bastard Distillery Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

LeClair Organics Coffee Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with Lucky Bastard Distillery Gin Espresso Martini, picture from LeClair Media


LeClair Organics Coffee Saskatoon

LeClair Organics is excited to announce as a locally founded company that our Saskatoon coffee products are now available to buy locally here in Lucky Bastard Distillers right before the holiday season.  LeClair Organics has cascara tea / coffee berry tea and  liberica coffee products on the shelves at their main location in Saskatoon. Lucky Bastard Distillers local Saskatoon made spirits paired with our specialty coffee products are a perfect pairing for coffee cocktails!  There are many options in which to choose from, but perhaps start with a Liberica Espresso Martini using their local Saskatoon made Gin.  Variations of the espresso martini may include substituting the gin with their Chai Vodka or Vanilla Espresso Vodka.  We couldn’t help ourselves to do some sampling and photography with some creative cocktails.

Liberica Coffee Saskatoon

There are a lot of specialty coffee products available in Saskatoon, however we believe we are the first to offer Liberica Coffee, which is a completely separate species apart from Arabica or Robusta coffee.  About 75% of global coffee production is Arabica coffee and 25% is Robusta, meanwhile only a fraction of the last 1% is Liberica Coffee.  We were surprised that in such an established coffee market it appears nobody has yet imported these unique liberica beans locally!  From what we can tell, specifically in Saskatchewan we are the first and only to offer this Liberica coffee(2020).  Roasting liberica beans can be a challenge and differs from common arabica beans due to higher sugar content and size.  Our coffee roasters are experienced particular to this unique bean.  Find out more in our article about this distinct liberica coffee(coffea liberica) species.

Cascara Tea Saskatoon

Cascara tea is the dried berry that is removed from the coffee bean during processing.  Outside of a few coffee producing countries it is still a relatively unknown ingredient, which is also the case for Saskatoon.  We are “upcycling” coffee berries that otherwise would be discarded.  By creating demand for this novel coffee berry product across Canada we are generating an entirely new new revenue stream for coffee estate partners.  We recommend you may start simple by brewing 20 grams of tea per 200ml of water and steep for 5-8 minutes.  Brew as you would any common loose leaf tea, or use a french press.  Try a Cascara Latte Recipe which is equally as simple to make as any regular lattes.   Also check out our cascara gin sour cocktail recipe that can use Saskatoon’s Lucky Bastard Gambit Gin or a Vodka to make a  cascara tea infusion.

See the commercial photography from LeClair Media below: