Iced Cascara Tea Cocktail

Sometimes simplicity is all you need to make a great drink.  LeClair Organics used our Cascara tea to make a very simple iced cascara tea cocktail.  For this recipe we used iced cascara tea, simple syrup, vodka and a slight squeeze of lemon.  Optional to add citrus flavour notes to this drink you may look to adding a citrus liqueur such as cointreau .   Cascara tea is usually great on its own with honey, so perhaps substitute this as your sweetener.

Iced Cascara Tea Cocktail Recipe

4.5 oz pre-chilled cascara tea.

1/2 oz simple syrup

1.5 oz vodka

1 lemon wedge

Optional: add 1 oz cointreau or substitute honey instead of simple syrup  

Make our cascara tea as per our recommended guidelines of 20 grams per 200 ml of water and let steep for 5-8 minutes.  We like to use a french press, however steep as you would any other regular loose teas.  Place the cascara tea in the fridge until it is cool enough to serve.  Place all items in cocktail shaker and mix for a few seconds.  Pour into a chilled old fashioned on ice.  Place your lemon wedge as a garnish on the rim of the glass. This is a simple recipe that primarily is meant to highlight the cascara tea.

As a Canadian based company we always like to incorporate as many local ingredients as possible into our recipes.  Pending the region you are in and availability, perhaps utilize a Saskatoon vodka from Lucky Bastard Distillery, a Toronto vodka from Spirit of York, or a Vancouver Liberty Distillery Vodka