LeClair Organics Saskatoon coffee roaster and cascara tea, cascara tea hard lemonade cocktails with lillet

Hard Cascara Lemonade

LeClair Organics recently created a hard cascara lemonade by combining our cascara tea, lemon, lillet, vodka and sugar.  This coffee berry cocktail is a light and refreshing vodka based lemonade that is perhaps a good choice outside on a patio or sitting outside in the summer.

As a Saskatoon founded company we thought for this particular example recipe we would use our locally available Saskatoon cascara tea as well as Lucky Bastard Distillery vodka.


Hard Cascara Tea Lemonade Recipe

1.5 oz vodka

4.5 oz chilled cascara tea

1.5 oz lemon, (approximately 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon)

1.5 oz lillet

1/2 oz agave nectar


Shake all ingredients in your cocktail shaker.  Pour and serve in a Collins glass with ice and straws.  An optional choice may be to substitute lillet with Grand Marnier in the same portion.