Coffee Cocktails with Local Saskatoon Coffee

We’re getting creative with Gin & Liberica Espresso Martinis tonight using our locally available saskatoon coffee and local gin, particularly our Liberica beans.

There are many variations to how your espresso martinis can be made. For this one we used one of our many local favourite Saskatchewan made gins (Lucky Bastard Distillers) rather than a vodka.  Each gin has a signature botanical recipe that makes it unique.  This particular recipes uniquely puts Saskatoon berries in this gin! The juniper, citrus and fruit tones of this gin made for a great pairing with the Liberica espresso.

Gin & Liberica Espresso Martini

2 Shots Liberica Espresso

1 Shot Lucky Bastard Gambit Gin

1 egg white

A small dash of simple syrup

Mix all components in a shaker with ice and pour in your martini glass with a smooth foam. Garnish with 3 Liberica beans.

A very small dash of simple syrup or muscovado sugar is needed as per preference.  Liberica is uniquely a flavourful and vibrant bean which you may not need much sugar and therefore accentuate natural flavour tones of the espresso.


Moving forward we would also want to try this recipe substituting the gin for their Lucky Bastard Espresso Vanilla Vodka. Garnish would be freshly ground Madagascar vanilla powder. Another great option would be to substitute in their pumpkin spiced vodka with a light dash of of cinamon/pumpkin spice on top.

There are many great local gins varying across Canada that would work exceptionally well.  Each have their own signature botanical blend differing the flavour of the espresso martini slightly.  Perhaps try the Ontario based Dillon’s Dry 7 or the Vancouver Island Based Sheringham Distillery’s Seaside Gin with your espresso martini.

For an extensive list of espresso martinis, see our top 10 best espresso martini recipes post.

Coffee Roaster Saskatoon

Our specialty coffees are locally available in Saskatoon.  Pair our locally available beans with your favourite Saskatoon spirits for coffee cocktails.  Our liberica coffee bean is unique in that it is a distinct coffee species, about 1/3 larger than an an arabica bean and has much higher sugar content.  This therefore requires a carefully monitored coffee roaster process that differs from an arabica.  We are glad to be the first to offer this unique coffea liberica coffee species to Saskatoon.

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