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We are glad to partner with Restaurant/Hotel/Café/Lobby & Bar Partners, Gift Box Partners & Marketing Collaboration Partners. See more details below.

Restaurant – Hotel – Café – Lobby & Bar

Our premium offerings are sure to elevate the barista and cocktail experience. We are glad to incorporate our offerings and develop a relationship with your hotel, restaurant, lobby & bar, café, chocolatier shop, patisserie or bakery. Our premium product options are favorites amongst executive chefs, beverage directors, mixologist & café owners. See our cocktail or barista inspiration pages designed for and approved by top professionals.

Liberica Coffee (Coffea Liberica)

  • Currently new and novel to North America, serve as a specialty coffee, specialty latte or premium coffee cocktail experience.  This is a distinctive coffee species apart from arabica or robusta beans and the flavour is immediately apparent.  Tell the story behind this third coffee species and serve the unique flavour profile only found from this type of bean.
  • Add value as a specialty latte and therefore increase margins.  Replace sugary coffee liqueurs with a premium cocktail worthy bean. Ensure your premium spirits are met with equal quality coffee.  Treat your coffee in cocktails with the same respect as your favourite local baristas.
  • As a rare bean it is valued closer to a premium matcha or coffee liqueur per serving.
  • See a full product description on our Liberica Coffee Product Page.  For everything you need to know about liberica coffee find our post here.

Coffee Berry Tea, Cascara Tea, Coffee Cherry Tea

  • The coffee berry tea, also known as cascara tea or coffee cherry tea is the dried berry removed the coffee bean during production.  Therefore coffee berry tea tells the story of upcycling a massive waste stream from the coffee production process.  It is quite an exciting ingredient still underdeveloped and underexposed amongst barista, mixologist & culinary professionals in North America.
  • A flavourful ingredient that will add a light caffeine boost.
  • We recommend serving as a specialty latte offering as a Cascara Latte  or Cascara Cafe americano.  You may also serve as a regular loose leaf tea or iced tea
  • Cocktail inspiration may include vodka & gin iced cascara teas, lemonades or sour variations.
  • See a full product description on our Coffee Berry Tea product page.

Contact us for rates and order sheets.

Racemosa Coffee (Coffea Racemosa)

The Racemosa Coffee Beans are an exclusive and exceptionally rare item, only growing within a confined 150 square KM radius around the globe.  We would describe that they are the rarest coffee species in production as they come from the separate plant species coffea racemosa.

At the moment we will be limiting only select few partners due to availability.  Therefore an exclusive one of a kind offering.  This coffee is likely best suited for a Five Star Hotel Café/Dining/Lobby & Bar as well as fine dining restaurants.

The ideal coffee serve is a full Racemosa Coffee experience in espresso/americano form portraying the pure flavour profile.  Recommended is preparation with top espresso machinery and to serve in premium porcelain.  Our second option is a premium cocktail experience.  We’ve tried a Racemosa Espresso Martini with premium cognac, or see our racemosa cocktail menu for ideas.

For such an exclusive bean, we’ve made it accessible to serve at equivalent value as a fine champagne or scotch per serving.  Please contact us directly for rates and order sheets.  See a further product description on our Racemosa Coffee Product Page.

Marketing Collaboration Partner

The products we offer bring flavours that are new and exciting to North America. We believe in creative collaboration and exciting ideas in which you may use our flavours whether for marketing collaborations or product collaborations. We also believe in the power of co-branding, combining resources to reach greater markets than we would individually.

Our premium products pair well with a diversity of other ingredients.  Trust us we have done many taste tests!  We are big fans of espresso ice cream, affogatos and mocha recipes.  We already done several cocktail recipes.  We would be glad to collaborate on cocktails regarding creative marketing projects.

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Gift Boxes & Product Packages

If you are a company that provides gift boxes we can supply you with some unique offerings. We think that our flavours and products would also make for a unique at home cocktail experience by including with your favourite spirit. Note there are particular requirements to have the appropriate licensing to ship alcohol commercially across Canada.

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