LeClair Organics Coffee Vancouver Launch

LeClair Organics Coffee Vancover, Vancouver Coffee Roasters, Liberica Coffee, Cascara Tea photoshoot at Jericho Beach

Coffee Vancouver

LeClair Organics coffee products are now available to buy in Vancouver, British Columbia with an expanding list of locations and local delivery.  We will keep you updated on new café, restaurant, hotel, bar or retail locations across Vancouver and surrounding areas.  We are known for our specialty coffee products such as the Liberica Coffee, Cascara Tea, Coffee Berry Tea and Racemosa Coffee. We may continually rotate new products in such as Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee, Excelsa coffee amongst others.  We are partnered with top coffee roasters to ensure the freshest roast to order coffee.

LeClair Organics values a strong importance in ethical coffee sourcing and being a positive impact on the communities we reach.  Our intention is to provide environmentally friendly coffee options including our sustainable and compostable coffee packaging options.

Our specialty coffee products pair exceptionally well with Vancouver made local spirits in coffee cocktails!  There are many options in which to choose from, but perhaps start with an espresso martini using a local Vancouver vodka or gin.


See the commercial photography from LeClair Media below:

Liberica Coffee Vancouver

Vancouver has a vast amount of specialty coffee products available.  However, it appears that we are the first to provide Liberica Coffee Beans in Vancouver.  This is unique amongst other Vancouver coffee roasters as it is a distinct plant species apart from Arabica or Robusta coffees.  Arabica coffee comprises of approximately 75 percent, Robusta around 25%, meanwhile only a fraction of the last 1% is Liberica Coffee.  We are glad that in such an established coffee market we were able to find such a unique product apart from other coffees.  It is immediately apparent upon first aromas and sip that this is a different flavour of drink!  This bean is exceptional choice for liberica coffee cocktails using local Vancouver spirits.  In this post find out further everything you need to know about liberica coffee!

Cascara Tea Vancouver

Cascara tea is the dried coffee berry which is removed from the prized coffee bean every one knows and loves.  On most cases they actually discard this coffee berry producing mass amounts of waste.  Despite the mass appeal of coffee, cascara tea is surprisingly still relatively unknown ingredient to Vancouver.  Cascara tea has social entrepreneurial characteristics as we upcycle the waste stream of the discarded coffee berry into into new revenue for coffee estate partners.  Therefore the long term vision is to produce proven increased revenue per acre and percentage revenue increase per acre when producing coffee berry tea.  We believe the coffee berry is as valuable as the bean and when you try it you will see why.

Simply brew Cascara Tea similar to a loose leaf tea or use a French Press.  We recommend  20 grams of tea per 200ml of water and steep for 5-8 minutes.  This versatile tea may be used in a Cascara Latte Recipe which is equally as simple to make as any regular lattes.  Also we encourage you to check out our cascara tea cocktail recipes, perhaps starting with a cascara gin sour using a local Vancouver made Gin.

LeClair Organics Coffee Berry Tea Vancouver, Cascara Tea Vancouver

Racemosa Coffee Vancouver

We offer the rare chance to try the exotic racemosa coffee in Vancouver.  This rare coffee species grows only in a 150 square KM radius and we consider it the rarest coffee in the world actually in production.  It is the rare distinct coffee species coffea racemosa and we aim to increase supply availability over time ensuring survival of the species.