LeClair Organics Coffee Berry Tea in Ground Yoga Saskatoon

LeClair Organics is glad to announce our Coffee Berry Tea or Cascara Tea is now available to buy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at Ground Yoga.  Myself, as the founder (Jeremy LeClair) I’ve made Saskatoon a primary residence for quite some time and frequent visits to Ground Yoga has always been a part of my lifestyle.  Ground Yoga is a more than just yoga, its a large community of friends who connect through similar interests.  I’m glad to have the cascara tea available at a location which I’ve been personally connected to for some time.  Living in Saskatoon I have noticed that the knowledge and availability of the coffee berry or cascara tea was lacking despite the fact that coffee is such a popular drink.

Cascara Tea Saskatoon

Cascara tea is a major waste product of coffee production.  It comes from the dried coffee berry that is removed from the coffee bean in coffee production.  It is still an unfrequented ingredient in Saskatoon (2020) despite widespread consumption of the coffee bean.  The coffee berry is usually discarded during coffee production, therefore is a massive “upcycle” opportunity to utilize this ingredient as a tea.  By creating demand and access to market in Saskatoon and across Canada we create a brand new stream of income for our coffee farmers.

You can easily prepare this tea with approximately 20 grams cascara tea to 200 ml water, steeping for 5-8 minutes.  I personally have been getting creative with several cascara tea cocktails using local Saskatoon spirits.   The most common recipe we see being used is the cascara latte.  For more information on the cascara tea, see our article regarding everything you need to know about cascara tea.

LeClair Organics Saskatoon