Coffee Berry Gin Sour

LeClair Organics made a coffee berry gin sour using a local Victoria, British Columbia based Gin.  You may also call this drink a cascara gin sour.  The word “cascara” in spanish refers to the word “husk” or therefore the dried coffee berry husk.  We honestly haven’t seen much for Coffee Berry Cocktails available online, so we’re glad to provide some inventive new ideas!

Coffee Berry Gin Sour Recipe:

1 part Coffee Berry Tea
1 part Gin
1 Lemon Squeeze
1 Egg White
Optional: Cointreau
Prepare a strong concentration of coffee berry tea per the recommended 20 grams per 200 ml water.  Mix equal parts of gin and coffee berry tea, lemon and egg white into your cocktail shaker with ice.  Pour with a light foam into a chilled cocktail glass.  The reason being for the vibrant colouring is the purple pea flower in the Victoria, BC made Empress Gin mixed with the acidity of the lemon.  The purple pea flower changes colours based on the ph levels of your drink.  You may experiment with other gins, but we really enjoyed this Victoria made local gin!  It is a premium quality gin in which the herbal botanicals also compliment the coffee berry tea.  Your garnish may be rose petals or a purple pea flower as both are ingredients in the gin.  This vibrantly coloured drink compliments the colour aesthetics of the rose petals quite well.  Note that there are many vegan options available online to replace egg white for a creamy foam
This is an exceptional recipe pairing the local Victoria, BC based Empress Gin and our cascara tea / coffee berry tea which is also available to Victoria.  There is is no reason why you would not be able to experiment with other high quality local gins from different regions such as the Toronto based Spirit of York Gin, Saskatoon based Lucky Bastard Distillery Gin, or Vancouver based Liberty Distillery Gin.  Each will have juniper as a highlight of the Gin, however each have a unique array of herbal botanicals and corresponding flavour profiles.  Each gin will therefore be subtly different and make for some fun experimentation!
You may preferably also highlight particular botanicals from this gin using an orange citrus liqueur.  Perhaps experiment using up to 1 oz of cointreau in your cocktail as well.

Cascara Tea Victoria

LeClair Organics is expanding upon availability of our cascara tea and coffee berry tea across Victoria, British Columbia.  It is also available to order online with delivery to your door.  Therefore the ingredients in this coffee berry gin sour/cascara gin sour recipe are all readily available locally.

Our cascara tea is the dried coffee berry that is removed from the coffee bean during processing.  It is still a lesser know ingredient to Victoria (2020) despite high consumption of the coffee bean.  The coffee berry is usually discarded during coffee production, therefore we thought why not “upcycle” this waste stream into a flavourful berry tea.  By creating demand for cascara tea in Victoria and across Canada we generate a new revenue stream for our coffee estate partners.

We are still quite surprised that coffee estates are discarding the potential of this exceptionally flavourful tea and premium cocktail ingredient.  We hope you get to try the tea and experiment with this Victoria, BC Gin Cocktail.