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LeClair Organics Coffee Cocktails

Cascara Tea Cocktail Recipes

We have developed a detailed list of Cascara Tea cocktails or also what may be known as Coffee Berry Tea Cocktails.  These are cocktails made for and approved by professionals cocktail artists and mixologists.  Yet we pride ourselves on making ingredients and information accessible and the recipes are made available for your home cocktail enjoyment.

Coffee Cocktail Recipes

Within our cocktail menu we’ve included a variety coffee cocktails, some of which also include our specialty liberica coffee.  For our exceptionally rare Racemosa Coffee beans we’ve made a separate Racemosa Coffee Cocktails menu.

This coffee cocktails database is a great piece to inspire home recipes.  It is also designed for and approved by top professionals to acquire ideas for cocktails at their location. Ongoing we will be developing more detailed recipes and instructionals so stay in touch!

Also make sure to see our Top 10 Best Espresso Martini Recipes Post.  It is a good inspiration for anyone in the midst of a new coffee cocktail.

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Rum Coffee Cocktails

Calvados Espresso Martini

Liberica Espresso, Calvados, Rum, Yuzu Syrup or Local Honey Syrup, Egg White

See full recipe here

Espresso & Amaro Martini

Amaro Montenegro, Dark Rum, Honey, Liberica Espresso

See full recipe here.

Sicilian Amaro Coffee Cocktail

Amaro Averna, Rum, Honey, Citrus Bitters, Iced Liberica Coffee

See full recipe here.

Scotch Coffee Cocktails

Liberica Scotch Coffee

Liberica café americano, muscovado sugar, scotch whisky, whipped cream

See here the full scotch coffee recipe

Maple Walnut Espresso Martini

Scotch, Walnut Amaro, Maple Syrup, Iced Liberica Espresso

See full recipe details here

Spiced Liberica Scotch Coffee

French Press Liberica Coffee, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, demerara sugar, Scotch Whisky, whipping cream, dusted with aromatic spices

Iced Vanila & Liberica Scotch Coffee Cocktail

Liberica espresso, madagascar vanilla syrup, scotch whisky, egg white, dusted Madagascar vanilla bean powder garnish

Cognac Coffee Cocktails

Liberica Caffè Corretto Al Cognac

An Italian beverage consisting of a shot of espresso “corrected” with small amount of liquor

Liberica Espresso, VSOP or XO Cognac

See the recipe for this cocktail here.

Cognac & Liberica Espresso Martini:

One of our favourite drink creations.  Substitute premium cognac and liberica beans to the traditional espresso martini for a premium drink with a complexity of flavours.

Liberica Espresso, premium cognac, egg white, 3 liberica bean garnish

See full espresso martini recipe here. 

Liberica, Cognac & Antica Formula Cocktail:

Liberica Espresso, Cognac, Antica Formula, egg white

See full coffee cocktail recipe here 

Liberica Cognac Sour:

Liberica espresso, cognac, lemon, egg white, lemon peel garnish

See the full recipe here.

Liberica Royale café

Liberica Espresso, Amaretto, premium cognac, lemon squeeze

Cognac & Liberica Espresso Paloma

Liberica Espresso, Cognac, Fresh Grapefruit squeeze, soda water, grapefruit peel garnish

Liberica Royale Latte

Liberica Espresso Latte with amaretto & cognac

Liberica Cognac Latte

Liberica Espresso Latte with cognac infused half & half cream or vegan cream

Optional: saffron & cardamon spiced latte cream, option to request iced

Cascara Cognac Sour

Cascara, premium cognac, egg white, lemon,

Optional: saffron spiced cascara tea or citrus bitters

Sparkling Cascara Tea Cocktail

Cognac, Cascara, Lillet Blanc, Sparkling water

Racemosa Espresso Martini

Racemosa Espresso, Cognac, Honey, Egg White

See full recipe here

Liberica Brandy Espresso Martini:

Liberica Espresso, Brandy, Egg White, 3 Liberica Bean Garnish

Optional: Vanila Syrup or Honey

See full recipe here

Tequila Coffee Cocktails

Liberica Paloma

The unique fruit tones of Jackfruit and Blackberry in a liberica espresso will make for a somewhat unexpectedly pleasant combination with the grapefruit in a Paloma cocktail. 

Liberica espresso, blanco tequila, fresh grapefruit squeeze, sparkling water,

Optional: additional agave syrup to taste

Liberica Blanco

Liberica Espresso, blanco tequila, citrus liqueur, orange wedge

Optional: citrus bitters

See the full Liberica Blanco Cocktail Recipe here.

See full Iced Liberica Coffee & Blanco recipe here

Coffee Berry Margarita 

Tequila, orange liqueur, lime, coffee berry tea,

Mezcal Coffee Cocktails

Liberica Smokey Mezcal on Ice

Liberica Espresso, smokey mescal, orange wedge, orange liqueur

Optional: citrus bitters

Sparkling Liberica Mezcal

Liberica espresso, mezcal, agave syrup, fresh orange squeeze, sparkling water

Smoky Cascara Iced Tea

Chilled Cascara, Mezcal, fresh orange squeeze

Optional: Citrus Bitters

Amaretto Coffee Cocktails

Godfather Coffee

Scotch, Amaretto, Espresso

optional: maple syrup

See the full godfather coffee recipe here.

Cascara Amaretto Iced Tea

Iced cascara tea, amaretto, lemon, local honey

Optional: make it a sparkling tea

Cascara Amaretto Latte

A cascara latte with the addition of amaretto

Liberica Amaretto Latte

A liberica latte with the addition of amaretto.

Liberica Amaretto Coffee

A French press liberica coffee with addition of amaretto and whipped cream topping.

Liberica Affogato with Amaretto

An affogato utilizing our liberica beans for 2 oz double shot of espresso, italian style gelato using real Madagascar vanilla beans, with a shot of amaretto to finish.

See the full liberica affogato & amaretto recipe here.  

Amaretto Liberica Frappuccino

Liberica espresso, amaretto, milk or nut milk, ice & sugar, mixed together in a blender

Iced Liberica Amaretto Cocktail

Liberica espresso, amaretto, lemon

Liberica Amaretto Sour

Liberica Espresso, amaretto, canadian whiskey, lemon, egg white, lemon peel garnish

Optional: citrus bitters to add complexity

See full recipe details here.

Amaretto Espresso Martini

Espresso, amaretto, vodka, lemon wedge

See the full amaretto espresso martini recipe here.

Bourbon Coffee Cocktails & Canadian Whisky Coffee Cocktails

Liberica Whisky Sour

Liberica espresso, canadian whisky, lemon, egg white, angostura bitters

See full recipe post here.

Kentucky Coffee

Kentucky bourbon, liberica espresso, muscovado sugar, whipped cream, cinnamon dusting

Breakfast Manhattan / Liberica Espresso Manhattan

Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, sweet vermouth, liberica espresso, angostura bitters, cocktail cherry

Espresso Boulevardier

Canadian rye whisky, liberica espresso, blanco vermouth, orange bitters, orange twist

Coffee, Whisky and Apple Brandy Cocktail

Espresso, Canadian whisky, apple brandy, maple syrup or honey

See the full coffee cocktail recipe here.

Montenegro Liberica Espresso Martini

Liberica espresso, Canadian whisky, amaro montenegro

See the full coffee cocktail recipe here.

Marula Liqueur Coffee Cocktails

The marula fruit flavour notes work exceptionally well with all of our ingredients.  See our marula cream liqueur cocktails below.

Marula Espresso Martini

The combination of liberica and marula fruit make for an espresso martini like you have never tasted before.  Trust us when we say this combination is on the top of our favourites.  See full recipe here

Liberica espresso, marula cream liqueur, vodka, egg white

Liberica Marula Citrus

Liberica Espresso, marula, orange liqueur, orange peel garnish

Optional; egg white for extra smooth texture and light foam

Liberica Marula Latte

A Liberica latte with the addition of marula cream liqueur

Liberica Marula Coffee

A Liberica French press coffee with the addition of marula cream liqueur

Marula Liberica iced espresso blend

Liberica espresso, marula cream liqueur, milk or nut milk, ice & sugar, mixed together in a blender, topped with whipped cream

Coffee Berry Marula Latte

A Coffee Berry latte with the addition of marula cream liqueur

Coffee Berry Marula Tea

A Coffee Berry Tea with the addition of marula cream liqueur

Citrus Liqueur Coffee Cocktails

Below we have a list of cocktails including citrus liqueurs which may be adjusted per your particular availability or particular styles of orange liqueur.  For the recipes below we suggest a cognac based citrus liqueur.

Liberica Citrus Espresso Martini

Although we have many top favourites, the balance of liberica, cognac and the bitter orange make for a distinctive variation of the espresso martini.

Liberica espresso, cognac bitter orange liqueur, egg white

Liberica Citrus Cream Latte

A liberica latte with the infusion of cognac citrus liqueur with

Optional: add yuzu cocktail syrup, make a breve with half and half cream

See full recipe post here

Cascara Citrus Cream Latte

A cascara latte with the infusion of cognac citrus liqueur with half and half cream

Cascara Spritz

Cascara tea, prosecco, gentian/citrus liqueur

See the full recipe for the cascara spritz variations here.

Cascara Citrus Sour

Cascara tea, cognac citrus liqueur, lime, egg white, lime garnish

Cascara Citrus Sparkling Tea:

Cascara, lime, cognac citrus liqueur, sparkling water, lime wedge garnish

Optional: Non-sparkling drink on ice

Grand Cascara Spritz

Cascara, cognac citrus liqueur, prosecco or sparkling wine

Option: replace citrus liqueur for gentian based liqueur or sweet vermouth for flavour variations.

Gin Coffee Cocktails

We have some very exciting liberica gin cocktails and cascara gin cocktails below.  Perhaps start with a Liberica Espresso Martini with Gin or the Liberica Vesper. 

Gin & Liberica Espresso Martini

Add complexity to your espresso martinis by leveraging gin as your base.  The herbal, juniper, citrus elements will make for a drink with depth.  Find your   full recipe here or a second variation here.

Liberica espresso, gin, egg white, 3 liberica bean garnish

Iced Cascara Tea

A simplistic hard iced tea recipe that will allow the cascara tea to shine as the focal point.  

Iced Cascara Tea, Gin, Honey

Optional: use this recipe as a base, enhance with additional options for complexity of flavour such as adding lillet to the mix

See the iced cascara tea recipe here.

Liberica Gin Sour

Liberica espresso, gin, lemon, egg white, lemon peel garnish

Optional: substitute lemon for grapefruit

Espresso Vesper

Iced Liberica Espresso, Gin, Vodka, Lillet Blonde

Optional: use a pre-made coffee vodka infusion and substitute for  the espresso shot

Liberica Espresso Negroni

Liberica espresso, gin, sweet vermouth, gentian liqueur, orange peel garnish

Espresso Negroni Bianco

Liberica espresso, bianco vermouth, gin, citrus bitters, orange slice garnish

Cascara Citrus Gin Tonic

Cascara Tea, gin, tonic water, orange squeeze, citrus garnish

Optional: add elderflower liqueur

Coffee Berry Gin Sour

Coffee berry tea, gin, lemon, egg white

Optional: add elderflower liqueur or citrus bitters for added complexity

See full recipe on our post as well as a second variation here.

Liberica Gin Tonic

Liberica espresso, Gin, tonic water, grapefruit peel garnish

Optional: add a citrus squeeze, substitute tonic water for sparkling water

Vodka Coffee Cocktails

Liberica Espresso Martini

The espresso martini has become an exceptionally popular cocktail across north america and the world.  We believe that your coffee cocktails should focus equal importance on the quality of coffee quality and the beans.  Our recipe pairs top shelf vodka with our premium cocktail worthy liberica bean and removes sugary coffee liqueurs.

Liberica Espresso, top shelf premium vodka, egg white, 3 bean garnish, dash of muscovado sugar/syrup

The Espresso Vesper

Espresso, vodka, gin, lillet blanc, expressed citrus peel

See the full espresso vesper recipe here.

Sparkling Cascara Lemonade

Iced cascara tea, Vodka, lemon squeeze, local honey, sparkling water

Optional: Make a boozy Arnold Palmer style drink by removing the sparkling water

Liberica White Russian

Liberica espresso, vodka, rum, simple syrup, half & half cream,

Optional: use a vegan cream

Liberica Black Russian

Liberica Espresso, vodka, rum simple syrup

See the full black russian recipe here.

Vanila Liberica Espresso Martini

Liberica espresso, simple syrup, vanilla vodka, egg white, freshly ground vanilla bean garnish

Maple Walnut Liberica Espresso Martini

Liberica espresso, maple syrup, maple walnut bitters, vodka, egg white

Optional: replace maple walnut for coffee pecan bitters

Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Espresso, hazelnut liqueur, vodka, honey syrup

Optional: egg white or vegan foamer

See full hazelnut espresso martini recipe here.

Iced Cascara tea Cocktail

Cascara tea, Vodka, lemon wedge

Optional: cointreau

See here the full iced cascara tea cocktail recipe.

Cascara Hard Lemonade

Cascara tea, freshly squeezed lemon, simple syrup or honey, vodka, lillet blanc

See here the full cascara hard lemonade recipe.

Irish Whiskey Coffee Cocktails

Liberica Irish Coffee

Irish whisky, French press liberica coffee, whipped cream, dusted cinnamon

Miscellaneous Cocktails

Greek Coffee Cocktail (Iced)

Liberica espresso, simple syrup, ouzo, smoking star anise garnish

Disclaimer, we have no affiliation to any particular ingredient supplier or companies.  Our intention is to develop innovative recipes that include exceptional high quality ingredients.

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