Citrus Cream Liberica Latte

Liberica Coffee Cocktail Grand Marnier citrus cream liberica latte

The citrus cream liberica latte is an exceptional coffee cocktail recipe you no doubt want more of after your first trial.  A typical latte glass is 240ml or 8oz.  A cafe latte consists of an espresso shot and two-thirds of frothed milk.  Therefore for a regular latte you will have a double shot 2oz of espresso and 6 oz milk.  Knowing this we made this citrus cream latte with the appropriate latte proportions.

Recipe #1 Citrus Cream Liberica Latte:


  • whipped cream on top as per the picture
  • 1/3 oz yuzu syrup


The instructions for this recipe are not too different from a regular latte.  If you have a steam wand like a barista, preheat your cup so your espresso shot doesn’t go cold.  Pull a double shot of Liberica Espresso, and pour it in your latte glass

Time to froth your milk.  Add milk and syrup ingredients to your frothing device.  As mentioned, baristas will usually use a steam wand.  At home one may have an automatic frothing machine, or you may simmer your milk in a pot and use a hand frother.  Pour Grand Marnier into the milk right at the end of the froth before pouring to limit time directly in the heat.  Pour your milk into your latte cup and then enjoy.


Recipe Variation #2, Citrus Cognac Liberica Breve

I personally think that a breve is the best choice for this recipe.  The additional fats in will bring out the flavours, however is still not too heavy of a drink.  Just as a reminder below is the nomenclature of different types of latte related drinks.

  • A Latte is made with whole milk
  • A Breve is made with half-and-half
  • A Crème is made with heavy cream
  • A Con panna is made with whip cream

Citrus cognac Liberica Breve:


  • replace the remmy martin with another 1oz of Grand Marnier
  • Utilize another grand mariner option such as the Louise Alexandre

Recipe Variation #3 Curacao Cream Liberica Breve:

For a local Canadian made variation of this drink, we’ve found a great option.  I was quite excited to find the in my search for a Canadian orange liqueur a great option from the Vancouver based Long Table Distillery.  This distillery is located in False Creek, a place in which I personally enjoy to venture in Vancouver.

Curacao Cream Liberica Latte:

For a non alcoholic variation of this drink, replace the grand marnier with extra cream and 1/2 oz  yuzu syrup from cocktail emporium Toronto.  You may also replace the milk for any other equivalent vegan milks such as oat milk, cashew milk, almond milk, or whatever you may desire.  Keep in mind the flavouring will be different, however it may be desirable to utilize the flavour profile of some nut milks.  We prefer the flavour of home made nut milks when there is time.

Recipe #4 Strawberry Yuzu Cream Liberica Latte:

I’ve done extensive research and preparation in development of this this brand.  Beyond that, research focused on the vision to elevate and enhance the coffee drinking experience.  This therefore needs to to par for top restaurant owners & cocktail innovators, meanwhile also making accessible the same standard of information and ingredients for people at home.  I noticed a common theme of strawberry yuzu Creme Patissiere being used amongst many of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurant’s pastry chefs.  From my research and sampling a few unique local cocktails I was inspired to take this pastry theme and somehow incorporate it into a coffee based drink.  Therefore see below an original, the Strawberry Yuzu Cream Liberica Latte.  The ingredients are easily accessible(delivery to your doorstep in Canada) and is not a complex to make beyond a normal latte.  The liberica espresso is naturally a much sweeter bean with a complexity of fruity & honey flavour notes.  The bean naturally by chance makes for an exceptional choice to compliment this recipe.

Strawberry Yuzu Cream Liberica Breve:


Optional: Light Garnish with gourmet Grade A Madagascar Vanila Bean Powder