LeClair Organics featured in CBC Saskatchewan with our Rare Coffees, specialty coffee Saskatoon


LeClair Organics recently was in a CBC Saskatchewan feature article about our Rare Coffees being sold across Canada as a Saskatchewan based company.

LeClair Organics As Featured On CBC Saskatchewan
I also had a live radio interview with CBC Saskatchewan and can see the full LeClair Organics CBC Radio Interview here as well.
LeClair Organics as featured on CBC Radio, new coffee Saskatoon launch 2021
 My background is marketing and also run LeClair Media .  We do marketing services, commercial photography, video production & social media.  I knew ahead of time there would be a major slow down in spending from the businesses currently struggling through a pandemic.  Therefore from inspiration helping other consumer brands/food industry clients I decided to start my own brand in the down time.
As mentioned in the article we offer Racemosa Coffee, Liberica Coffee and Cascara Tea.
Racemosa is definitely a specialty niche, ideally with current interest in a few high end hotels and online ordering.  It’s available online for no more than the price of a common champagne or high end restaurant cocktail per serving but is an exclusive item.  Most of which costs go into realistic development of a brand new agricultural species.  The social entrepreneurial aspect is that the demand for coffea racemosa naturally will increase supply.  Therefore securing biodiversity of this rare plant species through the business model.  This is not Kopi Luwak coffee which comes from Civet Poop, another “rare coffee” that comes from “common Arabica bean” coffee.  Many force feed civets coffee beans in cages so if you do like kopi luwak, check the source to ensure it is natural!  We involve no animals or poop involved in this coffee.  Rather we promote coffee biosecurity!  As well takes 6 times more labour per cup to produce, therefore = jobs.
 Liberica and coffee berry tea are intended as more widespread high volume items.  The majority of coffee in Canada is Arabica or Robusta.  We are the third species Liberica, and as far as I can tell the only ones in Canada selling it.  The first to focus on Liberica at the very least.  As a separate species you will immediately smell and taste the difference.
The coffee berry tea is the dried berry removed from the bean during processing and normally discarded.  Therefore it is an upcycled opportunity from waste.  The value of the coffee berry is potentially as much as the bean!