Learn all there is to know about Liberica Coffee (coffea liberica), a distinctive coffee species apart from your common Arabica or Robusta coffees.  LeClair Organics is glad to be the first(2020) Canada founded company to be offering this specialty coffee across Canada.  We aim to soon expand sales soon across the USA.  We are glad to have an ever expanding list of cities our liberica bean is available in, which includes our café, restaurant, hotel, cocktail bar and retail distribution partners.  This specialty coffee that will have an immediately noticeable difference in flavour from the common beans you are used to.  Approximately 75 percent of the worlds coffee is arabica coffee, 25 percent robusta, and a fraction of the last 1 percent is Liberica.  The Liberica beans require special techniques and care during the coffee roasting process that is different apart from arabica beans.

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