LeClair Organics calvados espresso martini coffee cocktail

The Calvados Espresso Martini is a variation of the espresso martini.  We use our LeClair Organics Liberica coffee beans to make an espresso shot for this coffee cocktail recipe.  We added calvados to enhance the unique fruit flavours notes of this distinct bean.

Calvados Espresso Martini:

1oz Espresso Shot

1 1/2 oz Calvados,

1 1/2 oz Rum,

1/3 oz  Local Honey Syrup or Yuzu Syrup

1 Egg White

Shake ingredients in a bar mixer and double strain into a martini glass.  The egg white will give an extra smooth texture and additional foam layer to the drink.


LeClair Organics Liberica Espresso Martini With Calvados, Rum and Yuzu syrup

Photo Credit: LeClair Media

Yuzu Syrup, sounds like an exotic ingredient hard to find, however you can simply order online from Cocktail Emporium across Canada.  Another option as a natural sweetener is to use one of your favorite local honeys in the creation of a honey based simple syrup.  Perhaps get creative, the syrup may be a fruit based sweetener playing off of the liberica’s fruit flavour notes.

Calvados is an apple brandy that comes from the region of Normandy, France.  There are quite particular legal requirements and standards to officially be classified as a calvados spirit.  Calvados works as an exceptionally well together with the liberica coffee(coffea liberica).  We thought it would be suitable to also do a review of other options closer to home with all of the apple orchards across canada.  There are a few options out such as the Okanagan Spirits Canados from their Kelowna distillery, the Quebec version of calvados from Michel Jodoin or lastly from Nova Scotia Ironworks Distillery we have an apple brandy.

Of course for the rum, we do not grow sugar cane locally in Canada.  Upon some further reading there are a few Canadian rums available.  Romero Distilling is a local Calgary distiller specializing in Rum.  You can also look into the local Saskatoon Lucky Bastard Distillers Rum made in limited quantities.

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*we have no particular affiliation per any brands mentioned, we simply make great coffee cocktails