Calgary Coffee, Liberica Affogato

LeClair Organics Liberica Coffee is now available to Calgary so we thought we would find a recipe that features great local Calgary ingredients or local businesses.  Whether you use this recipe as a barista at your café or at home, it’s bound to be a great dessert style espresso beverage.  We decided on pairing two of our favourite things together into one recipe so we decided upon an Affogato.  Affogato comes from the Italian word for “drowned” and is a traditional Italian based recipe of espresso poured over Italian style gelato or ice cream.  We used our liberica coffee and the Madagascar vanilla gelato from local Calgary based company Righteous Gelato.  This is a gelato which is a much thicker frozen desert than ice cream and also more comparable to the original Italian version of the recipe.  Luckily both are available across Canada and not confined locally to Calgary! 

LeClair Organics local Calgary coffee, Liberica Coffee Affogato coffee recipe using righteous gelato

Liberica Affogato Recipe: 

The recipe is quite simple, it is a combination of espresso and ice cream.  Firstly find a latte sized mug.  Many may use a clear mug to give a better visual of your gelato.  Fill with a scoop of gelato or fill the mug with enough room for 2 oz espresso.  Pour your 2 oz double shot of espresso over the top of your gelato.  The recipe is as simple as that!


Pour a shot of Italian Amaretto into your glass right after pouring the espresso.  We highly recommend trying this variation, just trust us it tastes amazing!  See our cocktail recipe page for more amaretto coffee cocktails.  If you don’t have a fancy espresso machine on hand the recipe also works with a strongly brewed coffee.  You may start to get creative with the varieties of ice cream used as well.  Perhaps try a dark chocolate gelato.

Calgary Coffee, Liberica Coffee Calgary

It appears that out of all the specialty coffee locally in Calgary we are glad to be the first (2020-2021) to offer our unique Liberica Coffee Beans.  This liberica bean is distinct apart from what other Calgary coffee roasters offer as it comes from a distinct plant species coffea liberica.  Mostly all coffee in Calgary uses Arabica(coffea arabica) or Robusta(coffea robusta) coffees.  We are the third species, Liberica Coffee!  In such an age old coffee market with many established international companies, we were surprised to find that this bean was not yet being offered across Canada, nor North America.   It is immediately apparent upon first aromas and sip that this is a unique drink apart from other coffees!

This bean is exceptional choice for liberica coffee cocktails using local Calgary spirits.  As you already know it works well with amaretto and Calgary gelato!

In this post find out further everything you need to know about liberica coffee!